DO students continue work to stop the mental health stigma and raise awareness during National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.


ach year in the United States, an estimated 400 physicians take their own lives, a rate that is higher than most other professions. 

In recognition of September as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, AACOM continues to encourage those inside and outside the osteopathic medical education (OME) community to stay informed, spark dialogue, and share resources that promote wellness—and during #SuicidePreventionWeek this year, members across the OME community did just that. 

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Visit our online Mental Health Awareness in OME resource for more news and information.

COSGP Launches MHATF Ambassador Program

MHAT COSGP SOMA GRAPHICAACOM’s Council of Student Government President (COSGP) continues reach new milestones with its Mental Health Awareness Task Force (MHATF), which was formed with the goal of “promoting an environment where medical students and physicians can seek the help they need without fear of retribution.” The task force was created to empower students to have their voice heard and to create change.

“Be a friend to your classmates because we are all in this together. If we all work together and do our part, we can #save400.”

Announced in the COSGP’s recent issue of The Pulse, the MHATF Ambassador Program is up and running through regional ambassadors and ambassadors at each of the nation’s colleges of osteopathic medical school (COMs). COSGP together with its MHATF will be working to compile a list of all mental health resources available to students at COMs across the country. The MHATF will work to identify and share the best practices that are taking place on COM campuses.

The MHATF ambassadors are compassionate, caring, and dedicated individuals who are working their hardest to collaborate and create an environment that encourages students to speak up and stop the stigma. See the list of ambassadors available for students to contact and connect with.

Get Involved

For more information, contact:
Caleb Hentges OMS-III, AZCOM/MWU
COSGP 2nd Vice Chair and MHATF Program Coordinator

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