From the President

AACOM Has Moved its Headquarters

Blueprint of AACOM's Bethesda officeAt left: Architectural blueprint of the new office. 

After a careful and thoughtful search and more than a year of planning, AACOM has moved its headquarters to a new office in downtown Bethesda, MD—7700 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 250, Bethesda, MD 20814.

This new location reflects the growth that AACOM has experienced over the past decade as the field of osteopathic medical education has continued to expand. As the epicenter of Montgomery County, Bethesda continues to draw larger companies and organizations, and provides a great location for AACOM’s new main office.

Many factors played a role in AACOM’s decision to relocate, including the need for better conferencing space for events such as the COSGP, Diversity Committee, and Council Leadership meetings. The new space will feature a large, modular meeting room and updated conferencing software and tools, as well as additional smaller rooms to accommodate breakout sessions.

A workman lays carpet in one of AACOM's the new glass-fronted offices.

The new location, which is LEED gold certified and Energy Star certified, offers a healthier and more collaborative workspace for AACOM employees, helping AACOM better serve its constituents. AACOM sought the expertise of architectural design firm InterPlan, LLC to create the new workspace. Individual offices will have glass fronts, allowing light to permeate the entire space for a more inviting and contemporary feel, while new, more open cubicle spaces will aid in the free flow of ideas. 

AACOM officially took up residence in the new office on June 13. AACOM's Government Relations office will remain at 500 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Suite 380, Washington, DC 20001.

Photo: A workman lays carpet in one of AACOM's new glass-fronted offices.