AACOM Research Releases 2017 Preliminary Enrollment Report and More

AACOM Releases 2017 Preliminary Enrollment Report

Surveys were sent to each college of osteopathic medicine (COM) asking for counts of new matriculants, first-year enrollment, total enrollment, and graduates by gender for 2017. These data were collected and reported in AACOM’s 2017 Preliminary Enrollment Report. Some highlights include:

  • Total first-year enrollment count across all COMs is 8,113, an increase of 7.1% since 2016-17.
  • Total enrollment count across all COMs is 28,981, an increase of 5.3% since 2016-17.
  • Total graduate count across all COMs is 6,038, an increase of 12.9% since 2016-17.

Read more in our press statement​ about the Preliminary Enrollment Report.

AACOM Data Featured in ASM Journal Article

Erik Guercio, MA, AACOM Director of Research, co-authored a report for the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) titled Pre-Medical Preparation in Microbiology among Applicants and Matriculants in Osteopathic Medical School in the United States. Using data obtained by AACOM, the article explores medical students’ lack of undergraduate microbiology coursework, microbiology majors/minors, and the absence of microbiology prerequisites for medical school applicants. Currently, fewer than 3% of students enrolled in osteopathic medical schools have taken a general microbiology course. This lack of pre-medical microbiology related knowledge may be associated with an increase in perceived stress when introduced to microbiology in medical school. The study lays the groundwork for future studies pertaining to pre-medical coursework and how it affects medical students.

AACOM Releases 2017 Designations Report

Each year many future DOs apply to multiple COMs through the AACOM Application Service (AACOMAS). AACOM’s new 2017 Designations report shows the overlap of designations—or applications—for each COM, along with each COM’s COCA approved first-year class size. Highlights include:

  • A total of 183,374 designations were made for a total of 7,317 COCA approved seats for the 2017 application cycle.
  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) had the most designations, with a total of 9,242.