The Bigger Picture

AACOM Council Leadership Meeting Recap


On September 10 and 11, 2018, leaders from nearly all AACOM’s councils traveled to AACOM headquarters in Bethesda, MD, where they participated in a one and a half-day workshop. Activities included large- and small-group breakout meetings, an update from AACOM President and CEO Stephen Shannon, DO, MPH, and a number of important council discussions. Councils were informed about AACOM’s current operational and strategic priorities and held creative discussions about future work plans. Council leaders had the opportunity to make their voices heard as a part of AACOM’s strategic planning process and work collaboratively with other councils on issues of mutual importance. 

During the session, council leaders each gave an overview of their group, its structure, its membership, and its goals for the coming year. Councils also met in groups to discuss potential collaborative sessions to offer during the annual conference to help increase the utility of the conference for all members. Additionally, the council leaders developed ideas for future themes for Educating Leaders, the AACOM Annual Conference. 

Finally, AACOM encouraged each attendee to align their council’s bylaws with a new bylaws template formatted by an internal AACOM working group. This process includes council leaders taking bylaw changes to their membership and, if approved, to the Board of Deans for final approval. A summary of each council’s membership, structure, leadership, accomplishments and goals, and a status update on all the activities described in this presentation will be provided to the Board of Deans at their retreat in November. 

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