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Osteopathic Medical Education in the United States: Improving the Future of Medicine

A Special Report

By Howard S. Teitelbaum, DO, PhD, MPH
Director of the Osteopathic Medical Education Study
Jointly sponsored by AACOM and the American Osteopathic Association

This report is the result of an extensive study of osteopathic medical education.

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Special Report: Osteopathic Medical Education in the United States
Table of Contents

Oversight Committee (page vi)
Acknowledgements (page vii)

Part I. Introduction (page 1)

Part II. Data and Analysis (page 19)

Section 1. Survey of Senior Medical Students (page 20)

Study Protocol (page 20)
Demographic Data (page 21)
Findings on Students (page 22)
Comparison to AACOM Survey Results (page 46)
Possible Distinguishing Factors (page 49)
Conclusion (page 75)

Section 2. Survey of Osteopathic Residents (page 76)

Study Protocol (page 76)
Demographic Data (page 77)
Findings About Residents (page 82)
Residents’ Views (page 96)
Conclusion (page 113)

Section 3. Survey of Osteopathic Residency Directors (page 114)

Study Description and Protocol (page 114)
Prior Experience (page 115)
Program Attributes (page 116)
Educational Attributes (page 123)
Structurally-related Miscellaneous Attributes (page 136)
Open-ended Responses (page 150)
Survey-to-Survey Comparisons (page 152)
Medical Student versus Resident Responses (page 152)

Section 4. Survey of Deans of Osteopathic Medical Schools (page 160)

Responses to Questions (1-23) (page 160)
Qualifications for Dean (page 213)
Summary (page 214)

Part III. Recommendations (page 216)

Recommendations for Curriculum Change (page 217)
Recommendations from the Deans’ Section (Nos. 1-4) (page 217)
Recommendations from Student Data (Nos. 5-11) (page 220)
Recommendations from the Study of Residents and Program Directors (Nos. 12-19)(page 229)

Part IV. Sources (page 245)


Appendix A. Data on Osteopathic Medical Students (page 256)
Appendix B. Data on Osteopathic Medical Students: Analyzed by Choice of Residency Program (page 309)
Appendix C. Data on Osteopathic Medical Students: Analyzed by Choice of Specialty (Primary Care vs. Non-Primary Care Specialty) (page 333)
Appendix D. Data on Osteopathic Medical Students Analysis by Gender (page 356)
Appendix E. (page 399)