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Single GME Accreditation System FAQs

Updated March 24, 2016

General FAQs

  • What is the timeline for the development of a single graduate medical education accreditation system?

  • Will the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) be made available?

  • Will the ACGME organizational structure include osteopathic representation?

  • How does a single accreditation system benefit the osteopathic medical profession?

  • What will happen to the osteopathic training programs?

  • Will the osteopathic training programs become allopathic programs?

  • Will the osteopathic rotating internship required in some states become a transitional year for ACGME purposes?

  • Will MDs and IMGs be allowed to train in osteopathically-focused training programs?

  • What will happen to the AOA education committees associated with postgraduate training?

  • How will this affect DOs in training now or entering into training programs in 2014 until 2020?

  • How will this affect my board certification/COMLEX examination/continuing medical education?

  • How does the single accreditation system affect Resolution 42?

  • What does the single GME accreditation system mean for osteopathically-distinctive competency assessment, licensure, and COMLEX-USA?

  • How will this affect ACGME programs taking or interpreting COMLEX-USA scores, and what will the AOA/AACOM/NBOME be doing to help those Program Directors understand those scores?

  • How will we be able to distinguish programs with an osteopathic principles dimension from other ACGME programs once the single GME accreditation system goes into effect?

  • How will a single GME accreditation system impact AACOM’s and the AOA's efforts in Washington, D.C.?

  • How will a single GME accreditation system impact international efforts for practice rights of U.S.-trained DOs?