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Single GME Accreditation System FAQs

  • What is the single graduate medical education (GME) accreditation system? Why was it created?

  • Why is this happening now?

  • How have students been involved in discussions about the single GME accreditation system?

  • What do current students think about the agreement to create a single GME accreditation system?

  • How was the decision made to create a single GME accreditation system for osteopathic and allopathic medicine?

  • How is the impact of the single GME transition process on the osteopathic medical profession being predicted, monitored, and assessed?

General Topics

(Please refer to General FAQs for more)

  • What does single GME mean for prospective osteopathic medical students?

  • Will single GME accreditation affect membership in AOA specialty colleges and the AOA itself?

  • In the future, will osteopathic medical schools be expected to conform to allopathic school regulations under the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)?

  • Will the osteopathic rotating internship required in some states become a transitional year for ACGME purposes?


  • Will the COMLEX-USA be considered equivalent to meet criteria for admission into the single GME programs?

  • How will the COMLEX exam play into the application process for GME? Will the osteopathic-focused programs still require the COMLEX score?

  • Under the single accreditation system, will all ACGME residencies be required to accept COMLEX-USA?

  • Many students take both the USMLE and the COMLEX-USA in order to have an option in applying to programs. Which exam should we be taking?

  • Must candidates pass USMLE examinations in order to be eligible to apply to ACGME-accredited subspecialty (fellowship) programs?

Board Certification

  • Will the ACGME recognize program graduate passage of osteopathic boards as a measure of program effectiveness?

  • How does the single GME accreditation system affect board certification?

Availability of Residency Slots

  • Will the single GME accreditation system impact the number of residency slots?

  • Will single GME affect access to current residency slots for osteopathic graduates?


  • What does it mean for current DO students applying to currently AOA-accredited programs? Applying to currently ACGME-accredited programs?

  • Will those already training in ACGME-accredited programs at the time the single accreditation system goes into effect be granted AOA-approved residency status?

  • Are individuals who completed a broad-based clinical year in an AOA-approved program eligible to apply to ACGME-accredited programs that require a preliminary year?

Length of Training

  • What are the differences between a three-year versus a four-year Emergency Medicine program during the transition to the single accreditation system?

Residency Match

  • If residents/fellows are interested in a program with pre-accreditation status, do they enter the NRMP match or the NMS match?

  • How will the residency match process change during the transition?

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