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Medical Education

Organization of the NAOME


Officers will be elected from within the Academy membership. The officers are Chair, Vice-Chair, and Chair-Elect. All officers will serve non-renewable two year terms.Terms may be adjusted by action of the Academy Fellows.

The officers, with the help of sub-committees (to be appointed by the officers), will plan and implement meetings, recognitions and programs; promote the Academy to all institutions of osteopathic medicine; schedule educational programs initiated by the Academy; and attend to other governance issues. 

Term of Membership

Membership in the National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators is for a five-year term. This term is renewable upon submission and acceptance of the Educator's Portfolio, by the Review Panel. The portfolio must show continued productivity equivalent to the original criteria in the same, or a different, chosen category.

Membership Renewal

Members submitting for re-appointment to the Academy based on new accomplishments in the category used for initial membership must include in the nomination letter their new portfolio and a statement confirming that none of the substantiating evidence included in the current portfolio is the same evidence used in the portfolio for their previous membership award (i.e., begins after their induction or renewal or is different evidence).  Applicants for re-appointment may also submit a portfolio based on scholarship representing a different impact category.