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Medical Education

Training the Osteopathic Professions Core Educators


Teaching requires unique skills, which can be taught. TOPCE (Training the Osteopathic Professions Core Educators) is a starting point for anyone who wants to teach people to become medical professionals.

TOPCE programs occur at national conferences such as the AACOM Annual Conference, the AOA OMED Conference, and local meetings at individual schools. Topics covered by TOPCE include:

  • Effective precepting
  • How to provide feedback to your students
  • The role of assessment in education
  • How to effectively provide summative and formative assessments for students
  • Scholarship and research for faculty at colleges of osteopathic medicine

Personalized programs for helping faculty members become better teachers can be developed in partnership with TOPCE faculty.Training can be individualized for specific school or organization needs.

Contact Mark Speicher, PhD, MHA, for more information and to set up a TOPCE program at your school or meeting.


Download sample TOPCE programming below: