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Medical Education

Best Evidence Medical Education

The BEME Collaboration is a group of individuals or institutions who are committed to the promotion of Best Evidence Medical Education through:

  • The dissemination of information which allows medical teachers, institutions and all concerned with medical education to make decisions on the basis of the best evidence available,
  • the production of appropriate systematic reviews of medical education which reflect the best evidence available and meet the needs of the user, and
  • the creation of a culture of best evidence medical education amongst individual teachers, institutions and national bodies.

Stay Current about BEME by going to: http://www.bemecollaboration.org/

Topics on the BEME website include:

  • BEME infrastructure
  • Reports of past meetings
  • Systematic Reviews Action Plan
  • Promotion, Education and Dissemination Group Action Plan
  • Best Evidence Medical Education Survey
  • How you can take part in BEME