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Medical Education

Contributed Best Practices - Professionalism 

Competency 5: Professionalism

Residents are expected to uphold the Osteopathic Oath in the conduct of their professional activities that promote advocacy of patient welfare, adherence to ethical principles, collaboration with health professionals, life-long learning, and sensitivity to a diverse patient population. Residents should be cognizant of their own physical and mental health in order to care effectively for patients

Faculty Mentors (MSU-COM)  
Contact Person: R. Taylor Scott scottro@msu.edu

Professional Enrichment Programs (KCUMB)

Spirituality in Medicine Course (ATSU/KCOM)

Contact Person:  Marti Echols, PhD  NSU-COM
An expectation of professionalism is part of the NSU-COM culture. The COM introduces professionalism at orientation presenting the history of osteopathic medicine on the first day of school.  In the Medicine, Health & Society course, professionalism is one of the first modules student encounter. The interactive module highlights behaviors and expectations of our medical students including dress code, attendance, student responsibilities and patient encounters.  The students monitor professionalism through a student organized “ethics committee”.