UME-GME Working Groups

Supporting Programs through SAS

Supporting Programs in the Single GME Accreditation System

Charge: This working group focuses on helping to ensure American Osteopathic Association (AOA)-approved programs successfully transition to Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accreditation within the three-year time frame (by June 30, 2020) and that a significant percentage of formerly AOA-approved programs and ACGME-accredited programs attain Osteopathic Recognition.

Working group members: Richard LaBaere, DO, MPH, Chair (A.T. Still University of Health Sciences Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine & Still OPTI), Juan Acosta, DO, MS (Saint Catherine of Siena Medical Center), Joanne Baker, DO (Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine), Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO, MS (Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine), Rob Danoff, DO (Aria– Jefferson Health), John Kauffman, DO (Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine), Thomas Mohr, DO, MS (University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine), Donald Nelinson, PhD (American College of Osteopathic Internists), and Jennifer Swoyer, DO (Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital).

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