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AACOM's UME-GME Continuum Initiative


In May 2017, AACOM announced  the establishment of a new task force that is strategically examining and responding to changes in the health care system and in medical education that may impact osteopathic medical education (OME). The task force considers the current environment, formulates strategy, and executes initiatives related to clinical training throughout the continuum of OME. Issue-based sub-groups led by task force members have been created and continue to engage experts and thought leaders in medical education. 

Featured Resources

The UME-GME Continuum Initiative and the working groups that comprise this effort produce publications, educational resources and events. See the featured resources from the initiative. 

Working Papers 

The Clinical Education Collaborations Working Group finalized their first two papers of a compendium that will be focused on the current state and future of clinical education collaborations. The first paper entitled,  "Working Paper: The Value of Collaboration for the Osteopathic Medical Education Clinical Learning Environment" is written by Dr. John Kauffman, Dr. Thomas Boyle and Dr. Stephen C. Shannon. The second working paper, "Working Paper: The Osteopathic Learning Environment" is written by Dr. Robert Cain. 

UME-GME Continuum Initiative's Working Groups

The UME-GME Continuum Initiative is led by a 13-member steering committee, chaired by John Kauffman, DO, Dean of Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. The working groups are focused on the following areas: supporting programs through the single GME accreditation system, faculty development for programs with osteopathic recognition, preparing colleges of osteopathic medicine, students and programs for the single residency match, examining future models for clinical education collaborations and advancing scholarship and research is osteopathic medical education.