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Alumni Fellowship Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our world in many ways.  It has, however, provided us with opportunities to examine how we do things, and in turn look at how we can look towards changes that improve population health in the future.  The high ground policy implications are far reaching. 

As with the rest of the world, the Fellowship adapted the logistics of its programming for the 2019-2020 class due to COVID-19 and the uncertain timeline for returning to a safe environment for travel, group meetings, and personal comfort.  Following our February session in Fort Worth at UNTHSC-TCOM, we went virtual for the remainder of the program.   

In collaboration with our co-sponsor, the Association of American Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, we made the difficult decision to cancel the Fellowship class of 2020-2021.  As you are all aware, one of the most meaningful attributes of the program is the bond that forms between the Fellows and the people they engage with throughout the year.  We felt that without that connectedness the Fellowship would lose one of its most critical components. 

Instead, we are visioning 2020-2021 as a unique opportunity to reengage our alumni in a year-long program that:

  • Revisits the foundational, high ground principles of the Fellowship,
  • Engages participants in meaningful discussions around important issues facing health care and population health in today’s world, and
  • Develops workgroups of alumni around both perennial and emerging issues.

The program will foster a renewed interest in collaborative approaches to the important issues of the day through forging relationships across the alumni, working together towards solutions, advocacy, and renewed fellowship.  We will also focus on supporting dissemination of information through writing opportunities ranging from articles for professional and academic outlets, to evidence-informed issue briefs and reports housed and distributed by the Fellowship through its website.

All alumni are invited to participate in the program which will be conducted online through a series of 18, 90-minute sessions from October 8, 2020  the OMED conference in 2021.  Attendance at the first session is strongly encouraged to provide an overview of the session operations, reground participants in the underlying Fellowship purpose, and answer questions.  Participation in the remaining sessions is based on alumnus interests and availability.  Sessions will be organized and conducted by the OHPF Co-Directors and facilitated by experts in the content area including the former faculty and alumni.  As in all OHPF activities, thoughtful discussion and questions are encouraged by all.  Participants will be encouraged to form workgroups around topics of interest to write policy briefs and plans to move initiatives forward. All sessions will be recorded and made available on a secure, password accessible site.

Session Calendar

All sessions will take place from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET

  • Session 1:The Purpose of the Fellowship – October 8, 2020
    • Population Health
    • Profession Leadership Development
    • OPP Perspectives on Policy - A Wholistic Approach
  • Sessions 2- 7:Revisiting the Fundamental OHFP Assumptions
    • High Ground Positioning – October 22, 2020
    • Relationship Between Policy and Politics – November 5, 2020
    • Ethics and Ethical Policy – November 19, 2020
    • Evidence-Informed Policy – December 3, 2020
    • Intended and Unintended Consequences – December 17, 2020
    • Unbiased Analysis – January 7, 2021
  • Session 8:The Fellowship’s Underlying Framework – January 21, 2021
    • The Trilogy (Access, Quality, Cost)
    • Health Professional Education
    • Determinants/Social Determinants of Health
    • Equity
  • Sessions 9-17: Important Issues - February 4, 2021, February 18, 2021, March 4, 2021, March 18, April 1, April 15, April 29, May 13, and May 27.
    • Traditional OHPF Topics (7)
      • International Comparisons
      • Health Professions Workforce
      • Health Care Reform
      • Vulnerable Populations
      • Medical Education/GME
      • Quality of Care/Patient Safety
      • Disaster, Epidemic/Pandemic, Immediate/Unexpected Situations
    • Responsive Topics (2)
      • Themes to be determined based on emerging issues
  • Session 18: Wrap-Up - June 10

Being Part of the Alumni Fellowship Program

The good news is, as an alumnus of the Fellowship, you are already qualified to be part of the program.  No application.  No personal statement.  No references.  No waiting for a letter from us to tell you that you are accepted.  AND, the program is offered at no cost to you.  However, we would like to know you are interested in taking part in the year so that we can plan accordingly.  Click on the link below to complete the registration by October 1, 2020.

You will receive a confirmation email and additional information once your registration is processed.

We look forward to your participation in the Health Policy Alumni Fellow program in 2020-2021.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions.