Outstanding Medical Education Research Poster and Presentation Award Recipients

New in 2021, the AACOM President’s Osteopathic Tenets Research Award will recognize the efforts made by members of the osteopathic medical education community to undertake osteopathic research. AACOM’s President and CEO, Dr. Robert A. Cain, chooses the awardee and will present the award during Educating Leaders 2021.

The AACOM Outstanding Medical Education Research Poster and Presentation Award is presented to the individual(s) whose poster and presentation at the AACOM Annual Conference is found to achieve the highest standards of professional, scientific and educational rigor.

View all recipients of the Educating Leaders 2021 poster and research awards.

2021  Presidents Award
Impact of Philosophy-Based Teaching on Professional Identity Formation in First-Year Osteopathic Medical Students
  • Sharon Gustowski, DO, MPH, SHSU-COM
  • Maria Botero, PhD, SHSU-COM
  • Michele Haight, PhD, SHSU-COM
2021  Faculty Poster - First Place
Contact-based NAMI Program Has Sustained Impact On Students’ Perspectives On Psychiatric Illness
  • Julia R. Van Liew, PhD, DMU-COM
  • Chunfa Jie, PhD, DMU-COM
  • Sonia Kumar, OMS-II, DMU-COM
  • Maximillian Striepe, OMS-II, DMU-COM
    Faculty Poster - Second Place
Change In Opinions Of Residents Before And After A Domestic/intimate Partner Violence Training
  • Veronica Takov, DO, McLaren Macomb
  • Grace Brannan, PhD, GDB Research and Statistical Consulting LLC
  • Mariah Burnell, DO, McLaren Macomb
  • Shannon McMann, DO, McLaren Macomb
  • Kegan Michael Rummel, DO, MSU-COM-Shannon
   Faculty Poster - Third Place
Quiz-Enhanced Podcasts for Cutting Redundancy and Excessive Detail
  • Martin Schmidt, PhD, DMU-COM
  • Jonathan Pederson, MS, DMU-COM
  • Wayne A. Wilson, PhD, DMU-COM
2021  Student/Fellow Poster - First Place
The Effect of Drawing Microbiology Concepts on Short-Term Retention Before and After Interrupted Learning
  • Robert Waters, MS, LECOM
  • Delbert Abi Abdallah, PhD, LECOM
  • Mark A.W. Andrews, PhD, LECOM
  • Nancy Carty, PhD, LECOM
  • Christopher C. Keller, PhD, LECOM
   Student Poster - Second Place
Assessing The Relationship Between Infection Citations And Covid-19 Infections In Nursing Homes
  • Nur Mirza, BS, TUNCOM
  • Meghan Mahalawat, BS, TUNCOM
  • Cheryl Vanier, PhD, TUNCOM
   Student Poster - Third Place
The Impact Of The Single-accreditation System On Residency Application And Match Trends
  • Joseph David Marinelli, OMS-III, NYITCOM

2020  Faculty Poster - First Place
Measuring Grit, Self-Efficacy, and Intolerance of Uncertainty in Osteopathic Medical Students

  • Elizabeth A. Beverly, PhD, OU-HCOM
  • Sebastian R. Diaz, PhD, JD, OU-HCOM
  • Rashmi Singh, DO, Central Appalachian Consortium of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
    Faculty Poster - Second Place
Gratitude in Medical Students and Other Markers of Well-Being

  • Vivian M. Stevens, PhD, OSUCOM
  • Alicia Ford, PhD, OSUCOM
  • Ashley Keener, MS, OSUCOM
  • Sarah Hall, DO, OSUCOM
   Faculty Poster - Third Place
Exploring Association Between School Clinical Skill Performance and COMLEX Level 2-PE Performance 

  • Shiyan Wang, PhD, RowanSOM
2020  Student/Fellow Poster - First Place
Choosing DOs: Characteristics of ACGME Residency Programs That Select DO Graduates

  • Jamie J. Beckman, VCOM-CC
  • Mark R. Speicher, PhD, AACOM
   Student Poster - Second Place
ACGME Residency: Improving Research Experiences for Medical Students

  • Clarissa Dass, DO, McLaren Macomb Hospital
  • Melissa Ianitelli, DO, McLaren Macomb Hospital
  • Grace Brannan, PhD, GDB Research and Statistical Consulting
   Student Poster - Third Place
Trends in Utilizing Psychiatric Services in Medical School

  • Nida Fatima, OMS-II, NYITCOM
  • Amanda Milburn, OMS-II, NYITCOM
  • Rutul Patel, MBS, OMS-II, NYITCOM
  • Nikesh Shah, OMS-II, NYITCOM
  • Liat Jarkon, DO, NYITCOM

2019  Faculty Poster - First Place
A Pilot Study of the NAMI Provider Education Program at a College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Jeritt Tucker, PhD, DMU-COM
  • Lisa Streyffeler, PhD, DMU-COM
  • Alexis Hanson, OMS-II, DMU-COM
  • Sydney Westfield, OMS-II, DMU-COM
  • Teri Brister, PhD, National Alliance on Mental Illness
    Faculty Poster - Second Place
Does Clinical Training Affect Medical Students' Tolerance for Ambiguity?

  • Mary Wurm-Schaar, PhD, OU-HCOM
  • Wayne Carlsen, DO, OU-HCOM
  • Yang Lai, MA, OU-HCOM
   Faculty Poster - Third Place
Curriculum Mapping Using an Artificial Intelligence Approach

  • Randall K. Harris, PhD, WCUCOM
  • Dolph Ellefson, PhD, Sarcix, Inc.
  • Timothy K. Gallaher, PhD, Sarcix, Inc.
  • Brian T. Sutch, PhD, Sarcix, Inc.
  • Ian S. Haworth, PhD, University of Southern California
  • Elizabeth K. McClain, PhD, Arkansas Colleges of Health Education
2019  Student Poster - First Place
Prevalence, Attitudes, and Effects of Sexual Assault and Harassment in Osteopathic Medical Schools, A Pilot Study

  • Jordan A. Johnstone, OMS-II, WesternU/COMP-NW
  • Kali Chiriboga, OMS-II, WesternU/COMP-NW
  • Cameron Hadley, OMS-II, WesternU/COMP-NW
  • Matthew LaPlante, OMS-II, WesternU/COMP-NW
  • Chaya Prasad, MD, WesternU/COMP-NW
  • Matthew A. Zeller, OMS-II, WesternU/COMP-NW
   Student Poster - Second Place
What Works? A Big Data Analysis of the Effectiveness of COMLEX Level 1 Study Tools

  • Ryan Dyches, DO, AZCOM/MWU
  • Mitchell Gleed, DO, AZCOM/MWU
  • Colt Kennington, DO, AZCOM/MWU
  • Mark R. Speicher, PhD, AACOM
   Student Poster - Third Place
HPV: Understanding Perceived Barriers to Vaccination by Healthcare Providers

  • Nikki A. Medina, OMS-II, ARCOM
  • Taylor M. Bates, OMS-II, WCUCOM
  • Elizabeth K. McClain, PhD, Arkansas Colleges of Health Education
2019  Trainee Poster - First Place
Is Ultrasound First the Correct Approach for Pediatric Appendicitis in a Community Hospital?

  • Roland Haj, DO, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
  • Kyle Leneweaver, DO, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
  • E. Kessler, MD, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
   Trainee Poster - Second Place
Smallpox Vaccination in the Setting of Autoimmune Disease: A Case Report on Accelerating Autoimmune Processes

  • James Wilson, DO, Franciscan Health Olympia Fields, Internal Medicine
  • Adam Ladzinski, OMS-IVO, CCOM/MWU
  • Hardick Rand, OMS-II, CCOM/MWU
  • Madyson Riddell, OMS-IV, CCOM/MWU
  • Chris Snitchler, DO, United States Naval Hospital Okinawa
2018 The Power Of Thanks: Relationships Among Gratitude And Other Measures Of Well-Being In Medical Students
  • Vivian Stevens, PhD, OSU-COM
  • Sarah Hall, DO, OSU-COM
  • Alicia Ford, PhD, OSU-COM
2017 Rural Medicine Experiences and Sensitivity to Rural Health Disparities
  • Leslie Wimsatt, PhD, DMU-COM
  • Molly Olson, OMS V, DMU-COM
2016 Lecture Capture Technology, Student Attendance, and Academic Performance
  • Uzoma S. Ikonne, PhD, ATSU-SOMA
  • Anna Campbell, PhD, ATSU-SOMA
  • Kate Whelihan, MPH, ATSU-SOMA
  • Joy H. Lewis, DO, PhD, ATSU-SOMA
2014 Integration of Ultrasound into the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Curriculum 
  • Michael D. Lockwood, DO, FCA
  • Tatyana Kondrashova, MD, PhD
  • Amanda Schoenfuss
  • Alicia A. King
2013 Enhancing LGBTQ Acceptance in Osteopathic Medical Schools: A Pilot Curricular Program
  •  Jessica Lapinski, BS, BA
2012 Achieving Culturally Sensitive Case-Based Curricular Innovation in Prevention and Behavioral Change
  • Bettina Bernstein, DO
2011 Creating New Affiliations with Veterans’ Affairs Medical Centers for Postgraduate Osteopathic Physician Training 
  • Jennifer LeTourneau, DO
2010 Analyzing First Year Osteopathic Medical Students’ Learning Styles, Spatial Ability, and Success in OPP/OMT
  • Janet Hamstra, EdD, MS
  • Barbara Arcos, DO
  • David Boesler, DO
  • Sri Koduri, MST

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