2016 AACOM Medical Education Research Grant Awardees

Osteopathic Inter-Institutional Research

  • Lise McCoy, EdD, ATSU-SOMA
    Interprofessional Virtual Case Study: Adolescent Obesity
    Participating Organization: Arizona State University - College of Nursing and Health Innovation
    Joy Lewis, DO, PhD, ATSU-SOMA
    Harvey Simon, MD, JD, ATSU-SOMA
    Lee Herskowitz, DO, MBA, ATSU-SOMA
    Diana Jacobson, PhD, RN Arizona State University - College of Nursing and Health Innovation
  • David N. Dickter, PhD, Western U/COMP
    Using a Tele-Delivered Interprofessional Team Simulation to Evaluate Student Learning and Performance Outcomes
    Participating Organization: 
    Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Karen Collins, MPA, OU-HCOM
    Susan Mackintosh, DO, MPH, PNWU-COM
    Grace Brannan, PhD, OU-HCOM 
  • Adrienne Kania, DO, RVUCOM
    RemOTE: Remote Osteopathic Training and Education. A web-based program to mentor Osteopathic residents in Osteopathic Manipulative therapy
    Participating Organization: 
    Rocky Mountain OPTI
    LeAnn Jons-Cox, DO, RVUCOM
    Joel Dickerman, DO, RVUCOM
    William Cairney, PhD, Rocky Mountain OPTI
  • Stacey Pierce-Talsma, DO, MS-MEd-L
    Pilot Implementation of an Osteopathic Principles and Practices Survey & Faculty Development Program to Increase the Use of Osteopathic Principles and Practicesin Core Clinical Clerkships
    Participating Organizations: 
    Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Heather Ferrill, DO, MS-MEd-L, RVUCOM
    Doris Newman, DO, NSU-COM

Osteopathic Institutional Research

  • Machelle Linsenmeyer, EdD, WVSOM
    Reading Rate and Comprehension as a Predictor of Student Success in Medical Education
  • Mark R. Speicher, PhD, MHA, BA, AZCOM/MWU
    Improving the predictive value of clinical clerkship grades in estimated competence in Entrustable Professional Activities
  • Patricia Stubenberg, PhD, MA, LMU-DCOM
    Research on the Efficacy of Technological Didactic Education for OMSIII and OMSIV Clinical Adjunct Faculty Preceptors
  • Leah Sheridan, PhD, OU-HCOM
    Teaching at a Distance: Exploration of Faculty Evaluation Ratings
    Joseph Bianco, PhD, OU-HCOM
    Sheila Chelimo, MEd, OU-HCOM
  • Scott Ochs, PhD, VCOM-CC
    Development, Implementation, and Assessment of an Interprofessional Education Program: Identification of Best Practices
    Adrienne Ables, PharmD, VCOM-CC
    Chris Martin, MHS, CHSE, VCOM-CC
  • Erika N. Allen, PhD, LECOM
    Critical Thinking Skill Assessment and Development During the First Year of Medical Education
    Leah Labranche, MSc, LECOM
    Mathew Bateman, PhD, DHEd, LECOM
  • Jerry Balentine, DO, NYIT-COM
    Effects of iPad Use on Classroom and COMLEX Outcomes
    Bhuma Krishnamachari, PhD, NYIT-COM
  • Ann J. Impens, PhD, MPH, CCOM/MWU
    Empathy: From Medical School to Residency
    Mireille Rizkalla, PhD, MSc, CCOM/MWU
    Kyle Henderson, PhD, CCOM/MWU
  • J. Aaron Allgood, DO, FACP, ATSU-SOMA
    Attitudes Towards People Experiencing Homelessness Among ATSU-SOMA Students, Physicians, Faculty, and Staff
    Susan Steffans, DO, ATSU-SOMA
    Joy H. Lewis, DO, PhD, FACP, ATSU-SOMA
    Kate Whelihan, MPH, ATSU-SOMA
  • Lora Cotton, DO, OSU-COM
    The Effects of an Inter-Institutional Systematic Review Curriculum and Research Team Participation On Knowledge, Critical Evaluation Skills, and Research Productivity: A Mixed Learner Research Team Model
    Matt Vassar, PhD, OSU-COM
    Branden Carr, OSU-COM
    Vadim Yerokhin, OSU-COM
  • Olivia Ojano Sheehan, PhD, OU-HCOM
    A Pilot Study to Compare Outcomes of 3rd Year Osteopathic Medical Students Learning in Inpatient and Outpatient Settings
    Jody Gerome, DO, OU-HCOM
  • Elizabeth Oviawe, PhD(c), EdS, MS, MMIS, MSC, NSU-COM
    Cognitive Task Analysis: A Guide to the Development of a Simulation-based Instructional Module for Enhanced Patient-Centered Care and Interprofessionalism
    Stacey Pinnock, DHSc, MSW, NSU-COM
    Martha Snyder, PhD, PMP, NSU-COM