AACOM Announces the 2017 Research Grant Awardees

June 01, 2017

AACOM congratulates the 2017 Research Grant Awardees:

Osteopathic Inter-Institutional Research

  • Alice M. Hudder, PhD, MS, MEd, LECOM

    Evaluation of Osmosis™ in Medical Education: A Model System for Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Board Preparation Programs

    Participating Organizations:
    Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Kim Moscatello, Phd, LECOM
    Mark Speicher, PhD, ATSU-SOMA

  • Victoria Keetay, PhD, PNWU-COM

    Telesimulation and Behavioral Health: Assessment of the Integration of the Abbreviated Checklist Contextual Interview Observation Form as a Learning Tool in Interprofessional Practice & Education

    Participating Organizations:
    Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
    Community Health of Central Washington Family Medicine

    Bridget Beachy, PsyD, Community Health of Central Washington Family Medicine

Osteopathic Institutional Research

  • Katherine Fisher, DO, Western U/COMP-Northwest

    Assessing Short and Long Term Benefits of an Intensive Clinical Readiness Rotation for Improving Confidence and Competence in Third Year Clerkships

    Joan Paluzzi, PhD

  • Schoen Kruse, PhD, KCU-COM

    The use of small group interactive sessions to reduce emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, and promote a sense of personal accomplishment in osteopathic medical students as KCU-COM

    John Graneto, DO
    Cheryl McCormick, PhD
    J. Walker, PhD
    Jozia McGowan, DO
    Kathy Phillips, MEd

  • Elizabeth K. McClain, PhD,EdS, MPH, WCUCOM

    Factors Impacting Performance on High Stakes Exams for Academic At-Risk Students

    Rance McClain, DO
    Teresa Camp-Rogers, MD

  • Lise McCoy, EdD, ATSU-SOMA

    Speak Up: Principles of Collaboration—An IPE Mobile Game

    Joy Lewis, DO, PhD
    Harvey Simon, MD, JD
    Lee Herskowitz, DO, MBO
    Christine Morgan, EdD

  • Gail Swarm, DO, WVSOM

    Pilot project using Simulation with standardized patients to improve mastery of medical ethics content and student confidence

    R. Andrew (Andy) Kelso, PhD

  • Robert A. DiTomasso, PhD, PCOM

    Proximal and Distal Factors Differentiating Success Versus Failure Among First-Time Test-Takers of COMLEX I

    Stephen Poteau, PhD
    Robert G. Cuzzolino, EdD

  • Amber J. Heck, PhD, UIWSOM

    The Evolution of the Pre-Matriculation Program: Enhancing Student Academic and Personal Readiness Through a Hybrid Pre-Matriculation Course and Orientation Program

    Kevin E. Kalinowski, PhD, MPH
    Sophia Elena Pina, PhD
    Robyn Phillips-Madson, DO, MPH

AACOM's Research Grants Program includes awards for medical education research and institutional research.

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