AACOM Announces the 2018 Research Grant Awardees

July 02, 2018

AACOM congratulates the 2018 grantees of its annual Research Grant Program. This program supports research in osteopathic medical education by providing topic-specific medical education and institutional study grants to qualified applicants from colleges of osteopathic medicine.

Osteopathic Inter-Institutional Research

  • Elizabeth McClain, PhD, EdS, MPH, WCUCOM
    Factors Impacting High-Stakes Exams II

Participating Organizations:

Michael Oglesby, PhD, UNTHSC/TCOM
Bonnie Buxton, PhD, GA-PCOM
Walter Hartwig, PhD, TUCOM-CA

Osteopathic Institutional Research

  • Robert A. Augustyniak, PhD, VCOM-Carolinas
    The Development and Validation of a Tool to Assess Non-Cognitive Skills in Medical Students Using Collaborative Group Testing

Adrienne Z. Ables, PharmD, MS, VCOM-Carolinas
Alexis Stoner, PhD, MPH, VCOM-Carolinas

  • Andrea Belovich, PhD, ICOM
    Implementation of connected-case study learning strategy during preclinical undergraduate medical education toward development of osteopathic clinical reasoning skills
  • Danielle Cooley, DO, RowanSOM
    Improving Accurate Prescription Writing Among Medical Students

Christian White, DO, RowanSOM

  • Terrence W. Miller, MS, PhD, TUNCOM
    Lost Sleep and Lost Knowledge? The Correlation Between Sleep and Exam Performance

Kristina Lindquist, MS, TUNCOM

  • Tracy Shaub, D, OU-HCOM
    An Examination of Preceptors’ and Medical Students’ Views on Social Media Use and Opinions Regarding e-professionalism Training for Medical Students

Anna Kerr, PhD, OU-HCOM
Lisa Forster, MS, OU-HCOM

  • Shiyuan Wang, PhD, RowanSOM
    Relationship of Preceptor Entrustment Decisions with Students’ Clinical Performance

Pam Basehore, EdD, MPH, RowanSOM

AACOM's Research Grants Program includes awards for medical education research and institutional research.

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