Scholar In Residence Program

An AACOM Leadership Program

Developing Scholars in Osteopathic Medical Education

All osteopathic college faculty members possess a solid grounding in their chosen subject area, allowing them to delve deeply into critical topics in osteopathic medicine. Yet the skills and competencies necessary for success as a subject expert are not the same as those required for success as a medical educator. Short of on-the-job training, trial and error experience, and on-campus faculty development programs, there are few opportunities that allow osteopathic medical education faculty to become scholars in medical education.

The AACOM Scholar-in-Residence Program provides opportunities for college of osteopathic medicine faculty to engage in focused study and develop their competencies in medical education as a scholar-in-residence at the AACOM headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.  Through the program, scholars:

  •  Develop a proposal for study.
  • Spend three to six months at AACOM headquarters engaging in focused study that will enhance both their own college’s medical education and provide leadership to the greater osteopathic medical education community.
  • Attend a variety of development opportunities that will enhance their scholarly expertise.
  • Become part of AACOM’s leadership team during their headquarters stay.

Such a program requires a significant investment by both the nominating college and the scholar-in-residence, but the returns on the investment are significant. The nominating institution is rewarded with a scholar who returns to campus with a cadre of sharpened talents and new ideas. Students gain insight from enriched learning experiences. Scholars benefit from an experience that can prepare them for future challenges and new responsibilities. And all contribute to the future of osteopathic medical education.


AACOM seeks faculty and administrator candidates with responsibility for components of their college’s curriculum: undergraduate, graduate or continuing medical education (CME).  Applicants must be nominated by their dean and, together with the dean and department chair, develop a proposal for study that will enhance both their own college’s medical education and provide leadership to the greater osteopathic medical education community.

Potential Areas of Study

Applicants are encouraged, but not limited, to focus on the following areas as they impact any level of osteopathic medical education, including continuing medical education:

  • Outcomes-centered medical education
  • Diversity/cultural competency in medical education
  • Best Evidence Medical Education
  • Integration of osteopathic medical principles into standard medical practices
  • Linkage of educational practices to healthcare outcomes
  • Application of continuous quality improvement

Program Costs

The Scholar’s home college of osteopathic medicine must provide the Scholar with a paid academic leave (full salary and benefits) for the Scholarship period of three to six months. AACOM will provide an additional stipend for the Scholar during the Scholarship, along with travel expenses associated with attending that year’s AACOM Annual Meeting and other professional development programs.

How to Apply to the Scholar-in-Residence Program

  • Complete and electronically submit the Application  
  • Contact Mark Speicher, PhD
    AACOM Senior Vice President for Medical Education and Research