Group photo of 2016 Health Policy Fellowship Meeting attendees

Back Row (left to right):  Michael Warner, DO (DMU-COM); Eric Mast, DO (OU-HCOM); Beth Longenecker, DO (CCOM/MWU); Joerg Leheste, PhD (NYITCOM) Front Row (left to right): Mervat Mourad, DO (NYITCOM); Marie Florent-Carre, DO, MPH (NSU-COM); Muneer Assi, DO (BCOM); James Nemitz, PhD (WVSOM); Bill Richwine, DO, MBA (PCOM)

The AACOM Osteopathic Health Policy Fellowship program is a year-long leadership training program designed for practicing or teaching osteopathic physicians and other osteopathic medical educators who are preparing for leadership roles in the profession and positions of influence in health and higher education policy. Health Policy Fellows attend an intensive five-day academic orientation before entering the regimen of nine three-day weekend seminars on important policy issues at the local, state, and federal level. During the Health Policy Fellowship Seminar the fellows' learning objectives include defining and understanding health and higher education policy, learning the structure of Congress and the federal agencies, and developing insight into policymaking at the federal level.

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