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Welcome to the National TOUCH Point Submission application!

The TOUCH Point Submission Application currently is under re-design. The site will come back in late October, 2017.

Questions? Please contact Kate Hirsch at

Translating Osteopathic Awareness into Community Health, or TOUCH, aims to increase awareness of osteopathic medical students in the local, national, and global community through the basic tenet of service.

Through this application, students are able to:

  • Submit their events
  • View their submissions
  • Export their records
  • Access stored service data over the course of their tenure

Students who achieve a minimum of 50 TOUCH points receive recognition by their local school and COSGP for their accomplishment. Many different activities qualify for TOUCH points, from global outreach to health fairs to osteopathic advocacy. Contact your Student Government representative to find out how to get more involved!

Thank you for your contribution to the community through TOUCH. Please contact your school coordinator with any questions or comments.