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AACOM/AOGME Virtual Residency Fair

Join us for the third AACOM/AOGME Virtual Residency Fair, and take advantage of a great opportunity to connect with participating programs during the 2021-2022 residency application process. 

Pre-Registration for this event is only open to residency programs. Pre-Register your Residency Program Here. AACOM and AOGME strongly encourage you to use the virtual fair to make connections and learn more about each program.

Nearly 5,000 medical students and 100 organizations attended the 2020 Virtual Residency Fairs and we hope you are able to attend the August 6 event!


Information for Residency Programs

Take advantage of a great opportunity to connect with potential candidates for your programs during the 2021-2022 residency application process. Similar to last year there may be fewer opportunities for connections between programs and medical students. Join the residency fair to showcase and share information about your program, your selection criteria and connect and learn about potential candidates. The cost per program/booth is $140 (non-members), $100 (AOGME Members). If you are program staff, faculty or leadership, consider joining the Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME and receive the $40 discount.

Why Attend

  • Connect with 1000s of potential candidates
  • Use the online virtual opportunity to screen and recruit quality candidates 
  • Interact in your own chat room with the option to conduct video interviews.


Information For Medical Students

With thousands of medical students having attended the 2021 Residency Fairs, we are excited to offer medical students another opportunity to connect with over 100 residency programs from across the country and specialties. If you want to learn more about residency and fellowship education programs this is the event for you! Third and Fourth-Year Students strongly encouraged to participate.

Why Attend

  • Interact with each program in their chat rooms and take part in live discussions.  
  • The fair will give candidates access to many program representatives, along with opportunities to ask questions and learn more about the programs that are of interest to them. 
  • It's Free!

Comments from Past Attendees

"Loved being able to speak directly with residents and program directors."

"Honestly this was so much easier than attending a residency fair in person, where there is a hubbub of attendees. I felt there was more order, as the hosts could speak with each person as they came into the chat. Was able to learn so much about the programs."

"This went very smoothly. I was very happy with it. This platform was hands down better and easier and less stressful than others I have used. Thank you."

"Loved being able to speak directly with residents and program directors. I learned so much about the whole process (third year student) and was able to ask very frank questions."