Abstract Information

Call for Abstracts

The abstract submission period for Educating Leaders 2024, the AACOM Annual Conference will close on Friday, October 6, 2023. Presenters will have their work recognized during the nation’s premier osteopathic medical education event, from April 17 to 19, 2024, in Kansas City, MO.

This year's conference has five distinct audience tracks. Audience tracks include:

  1. Admissions
  2. UME - Pre-Clinical Education
  3. UME - Clinical Education
  4. UME-GME Continuum
  5. Graduate Medical Education

Abstract Themes

To facilitate the organization of similar subjects, we have developed themes, recognizing that certain topics may align with multiple themes such as Food as Medicine, Rural Competencies, Technology, Impacts of Pass/Fail, Climate Change in medical education, etc. Feel free to choose the theme description that best suits your presentation, and don't hesitate to explore beyond the sub-bullets, as we encourage diverse and innovative discussions.

Medical Student Selection
  • Recruiting and retaining non-traditional students
  • Developing novel pathways in partnership with undergraduate institutions or other potential sources of students
  • Earlier identification of individuals with an interest in healthcare careers and osteopathic medicine
  • Selecting students for mission alignment
  • The future of advising for admission to medical school
Diverse and Culturally Competent Workforce
  • Admissions, recruitment and retention Strategies
  • Student/Resident/Fellow financing and debt
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Workforce Wellness
  • Supporting learner mental health and personal counseling
  • Wellness programming
Learning, Curriculum and Assessment
  • Academic success, advising and support
  • Designing / Implementing healthy learning environments
  • Innovations in clinical rotation development and design, as well as preceptor recruitment retention and development
  • Teaching and assessing OMM/OPP
  • Teaching, assessments and evaluations, including preceptor evaluations of clinical students
  • Technology in teaching
  • Special curriculum topics (Food as Medicine, Guns, Climate, etc.) 
Transition to Residency (Advising)
  • Interviewing and advising best practices/professionalism
  • Pathways for unmatched students
  • Innovations in residency application process
  • Residency bootcamps (pre and/or post-graduation)
  • Value of away rotations
GME Programs and Osteopathic Training
  • Innovations and Strategies for Developing New GME programs and positions, including Data and Analytics
  • Graduate Level Osteopathic Training including Osteopathic Recognition
  • Models for Funding and Accreditation to Address Medically Underserved Areas/Populations
Leadership and Faculty Development
  • Enhancing faculty leadership
  • Career mentoring and advising
  • Supporting grant writing and management
  • Advancing research and data skills
Osteopathic Healthcare Delivery
  • Interprofessional education and practice
  • Addressing social determinants of health
  • Approaches to addressing epidemics
  • Partnering with communities
  • Healthcare equity and delivery
Osteopathic Representation, Voice and Influence
  • Health policy
  • Federally funded research
Food as Medicine 
  • Social determinants of health associated with access to nutritious food
  • Nutrition and metabolic disease
  • Evidence-based interventions to improve nutrition and overweight/obesity

Submission Guidelines

Research Abstracts

Research abstracts are grounded in theory and apply to, or build upon, previous research. The investigation produces generalizable knowledge to something that could be applied outside of a single institution with an aim to publish or publicize the data. Use this guide to help you outline your “research” abstract submission.

Submit a Research Abstract if you have:

  • Conducted innovative research valuable to the osteopathic medical community;
  • Researched or evaluated educational practices with results that can be applied to a college of osteopathic medicine or postgraduate training program; or
  • Undertaken scholarly work aligned with the conference themes.

Research Guide (pdf)

Other Abstract

Other abstracts are evaluations describing a change to a current way of doing things that results in better outcomes, or, an approach to a challenge faced in osteopathic medical education. These evaluations may be reported to stakeholders as information for decision-making. Use this guide to help you outline your “other” abstract submission.

Submit an Other Abstract if you have:

  • Developed a novel osteopathic medical education program;
  • Identified or overcome obstacles in the training of future osteopathic physicians; or
  • Gained meaningful insight into learners’ progress along the continuum of osteopathic medical education.

Other Guide (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to submit an abstract?
No, if your abstract is accepted, presenters must register for the conference for which there is a fee.

Who is eligible to submit abstracts for Educating Leaders?
Submitters should be from within the academic medical education community. Potential sponsors and exhibitors should contact sponsorship@aacom.org for submission opportunities.

How do I request a mentor to review my abstract?
Students should ask their research mentor for assistance. All other submitters may request to have a member of the National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators (NAOME) review through September 30, 2023. Request a NAOME Mentor.

Where can I find more detail on the difference between a Research Abstract and an Other Abstract and the complete details for each?
We encourage you to download the abstract guides before you begin to ensure you are clear on the audience and themes. These guides are available to view and/or print:
Research abstract printable guide
Other abstract printable guide
Detailed overview on Tracks, Themes & Types 

When I copy and paste text from MS Word into the abstract portal, unwanted text appears. What can I do?
MS Word often includes formatting code in the copy process. To resolve, paste as plain text using Ctrl+Shift+V.

Will my abstract be published? Can I submit for publication after I present?
AACOM does not have a journal, and Educating Leaders is not a  scientific meeting, so conference abstracts are not published annually.

If your abstract is accepted, you can list this on your CV as a peer-reviewed poster or presentation. Abstracts are peer-reviewed by reviewers who are Fellows of the National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators and/or the Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators.

Presentation at the AACOM conference does not prevent you from submitting a manuscript based on your poster or presentation to a journal.

Can projects with only preliminary data be submitted as an abstract?
Yes, in the brief description state that you are sharing preliminary data and, in the results section, specify when the results are expected so that reviewers can assess if you will have enough data in time to prepare your presentation. If you are seeking feedback on the preliminary data, please make that clear too. 

Will CME be available?
Yes, additional details will be available in February 2024.

More questions?
Please contact us at annualconf@aacom.org