Clinical Educators Group

"Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another."   ~G.K. Chesterton 

If you work at an osteopathic medical school, precept students, care about the education of future osteopathic physicians, work for an OPTI, or just want to know what is going on with clinical medical education and osteopathic medicine-this is a place for you to stay informed.

About the Clinical Educators Group

The Clinical Educators group is a place to discuss issues in clinical education and has addressed questions like:

  • What are you doing for preceptor appreciation?
  • What happens when both the doctor and hospital are asking to be reimbursed for the same student rotation?
  • How does a hospital handle multiple syllabi and start dates from multiple schools for rotations?
  • Are you having problems with female student only OB rotations?
  • What are you doing to prepare for core competency outcomes in residency?
  • Is there any formal orientation for new students coming on a one month rotation.
  • Can you share your evaluation forms for students on a rotation.

And for people to express their thoughts and concerns on the changes occurring in education from the type of students, to the tools and technology we are using in everyday medical education.

Join the Online Community

To join the Clinical Educators Community contact Mark Speicher, PhD, MHA with a brief explanation of why you would like to participate.