AACOM Leadership

  • Robert A. Cain DO, FACOI, FAODME

    President & Chief Executive Officer, AACOM

    Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI, FAODME, as president and chief executive officer, directs AACOM and moves the organization towards fulfilling its vision and mission. The work of the President is overseen by AACOM's Governing Council, the Board of Deans.

  • Patricia Delaney, MEd, CPA
    Patricia Delaney MEd, CPA

    Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations, AACOM

    Patricia Delaney, MEd, CPA, as senior vice president of finance and operations, has direct responsibility for leading and overseeing all aspects of AACOM’s financial, IT, and office management functions. She coordinates financial aspects of the Association’s overall strategic plan, as well as developing and implementing strategic financial and IT-focused plans. Delaney also leads AACOM’s annual financial audit process and serves as liaison to AACOM’s external auditors, as well as manages any other financial audits, reviews, and/or official inquiries from any state, federal, or local government agency.

  • Susan Ridge
    Susan Ridge

    Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Events, AACOM

    Susan Ridge, as senior vice president of marketing, communications and events, leads AACOM’s efforts to support its member colleges in the recruitment and growth of a diversified, healthy applicant pool that successfully matches to a residency and practice that incorporates osteopathic principles to improve the health of patients. She develops robust marketing and communications initiatives and collaborates with counterparts at the colleges and other osteopathic and health professions organizations to advance the visibility and programs of osteopathic medical education.

  • Mark R. Speicher, PhD, MHA
    Mark R. Speicher PhD, MHA

    Senior Vice President of Learning, Research and Innovation, AACOM

    Mark R. Speicher, PhD, MHA, as senior vice president of learning, research and innovation, is responsible for overall organizational improvement, including leadership development, Competency-Based Medical Education, and osteopathic medical education systems development. He also leads AACOM’s efforts to identify and develop new projects that advance osteopathic medical education, generate new revenue and/or address related challenges.

  • David Bergman, JD
    David Bergman JD

    Vice President of Government Relations, AACOM

    David Bergman, JD, as vice president of government relations, leads the association's congressional and federal policy advocacy efforts, works with AACOM's membership and other associations to present unified health professional positions to policy makers, and monitors legislative and regulatory developments relevant to osteopathic medical education and the osteopathic profession.

  • Helene Cameron
    Helene Cameron PhD, MBA

    Vice President of Undergraduate Medical Education Services, AACOM

    Helene Cameron, PhD, MBA, as the vice president of undergraduate medical education services, develops comprehensive programs that support student affairs, from application to graduation. She also functions as AACOM’s primary student advocate, identifying and providing resources to assist students during medical school, while also overseeing medical school recruitment and other activities supporting student success.

  • Fang Jiang, MBA, CPA
    Fang Jiang MBA, CPA

    Vice President of Finance, AACOM

    Fang Jiang, MBA, CPA, as vice president of finance, is responsible for AACOM’s overall financial activities, including daily financial operations, budgeting, financial reporting to the Board and Committees, investment assets, payroll and benefit administration, annual audits and tax filings. She collaborates with other leaders to provide financial insights and optimize the resources to advance AACOM’s strategic efforts.

  • Alegneta Long, MPP
    Alegneta Long MPP

    Vice President of Graduate Medical Education (GME) Initiatives, AACOM

    Alegneta Long, MPP, as vice president of GME initiatives, leads and manages AACOM’s strategy and roles in the development and implementation of graduate medical education (GME) initiatives, the transition to the single GME accreditation system, and the changing environment in clinical education. Ms. Long also oversees AACOM's Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME) and works with the AOGME Board to provide strategic and programmatic leadership to promote and expand initiatives to support the osteopathic graduate medical education community.

  • Jeff Tjiputra, DSc, MLS
    Jeff Tjiputra DSc, MLS

    Vice President of Information Technology & Chief Information Officer, AACOM

    Jeff Tjiputra, DSc, MLS, as vice president of information technology and chief information officer, is responsible for driving AACOM’s information and technology strategy and execution for its cloud, infrastructure and application platforms, and business solutions that support business needs and transform business processes for AACOM staff and stakeholders.