Scholarship Categories

Faculty must demonstrate scholarship in one of the following four categories. Scholarship moves beyond excellent practice to the development of peer-reviewed educational products that are publicly available.

Which Category is Right for You? 

Development of Enduring Educational Materials
  • You mostly prepare education materials.
  • You have presented the material at a regional or national conference.
  • Your work has been evaluated, peer-reviewed, and/or demonstrated to be useful.
Educational Leadership
  • You mostly hold significant leadership roles in courses, curriculum development, education-related grant or administrative duties. 
  • You plan and execute meetings, activities, policy, and curriculum development.
  • You have mentored others in any capacity.
Educational Research
  • You mostly perform research.
  • Your research is on medical education.
  • You have been published or have presented nationally. 
Teaching and Evaluation
  • You mostly teach and/or work with curriulum.
  • You teach in clinical settings, labs, or online.
  • You have tangible outcomes.