I Matched - Now What?

Three smiling med students facing the camera and holding

Congratulations! You’re about to take your first steps into the much larger world of residency training. Here three key steps you can take to prepare. 

 Relax and Regroup

Residency will be one of the most challenging parts of your journey toward becoming a fully licensed physician. The hours, workload and responsibilities will be very demanding. Be sure you take some time for yourself to regroup and prepare for the challenges ahead. Take a breath, spend some time with your family and make sure you have a support system you can rely on when residency pressures intensify. 

 Get to Know Your Program's Residency Coordinator

Become acquainted with your residency coordinator as soon as possible. While it’s important to know your program director, chief residents and faculty, your residency coordinator will be the only person on staff who focuses completely on program administration, without clinical responsibilities splitting up his or her time. Residency coordinators are often the best resource to turn to if you have questions about your program, but they can also give you great advice and suggestions about where to live, transportation and other details about the area if you’re from out of town.  

Keep Planning

Ask your residency director what you should do to prepare for your intern year. Conversely, your specialty might offer a “residency bootcamp” or equivalent program; if so, take the time to participate. Look for opportunities to become better acquainted with writing orders, handing patients off during rotations and other duties you’ll be expected to perform regularly as a resident. Finally, take the time to self-reflect: where might you think your gaps are? Be realistic about your background, your strengths and weaknesses and ask your mentors for insight into how you can better prepare.   

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