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AACOM Staff Leadership 

Robert A. Cain

President & Chief Executive Officer

Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI, FAODME, as President and Chief Executive Officer, directs AACOM and moves the organization towards fulfilling its vision and mission. The work of the President is overseen by AACOM's Governing Council, the Board of Deans.

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Mark R. Speicher, PhD, MHA,  Senior Vice President for Medical Education and Research

Senior Vice President for Medical Education and Research

Mark R. Speicher, PhD, MHA, as Senior Vice President for Medical Education and Research, leads AACOM’s efforts to determine the current state and future development of osteopathic medical education (OME). He will direct AACOM’s medical education program activities, monitor developments affecting OME, evaluate educational programs that focus on developing the highest quality doctors, and work closely with AACOM’s member colleges to improve existing programs and propose new ones as needed.

Pat Delaney

Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations

Patricia Delaney, MEd, CPA, as Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations, has direct responsibility for leading and overseeing all aspects of AACOM’s financial, IT, and office management functions. She coordinates financial aspects of the Association’s overall strategic plan, as well as developing and implementing strategic financial and IT-focused plans. Delaney also leads AACOM’s annual financial audit process and serves as liaison to AACOM’s external auditors, as well as manages any other financial audits, reviews, and/or official inquiries from any state, federal, or local government agency.

Tyler Cymet, DO

Chief of Clinical Education

Tyler Cymet, DO, as Chief of Clinical Education, develops, coordinates and implements AACOM activities related to clinical education, from undergraduate medical education through residency, with an emphasis on clinical faculty development and coordination.

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