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Policy & Advocacy

AACOM Advocacy in Action

AACOM Public Policy Agenda

This agenda outlines AACOM’s priorities to raise awareness of and develop initiatives to promote osteopathic medical education as osteopathic medical schools continue to grow in number, size, and importance to the U.S. health care system and medical education system. AACOM will actively pursue these goals notwithstanding the very challenging political fiscal environment.

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Join AACOM’s national advocacy campaign, ED to MED, and raise the profile of issues vital to osteopathic medical education in the halls of Congress! 

Public Statements

AACOM works with its membership and other associations to present unified health professions positions to policy makers, and monitors legislative and regulatory developments relevant to osteopathic medical education and the osteopathic profession.

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AACOM Nominations and Letters of Support

AACOM monitors and advocates on federal issues that address or may impact osteopathic medical education and nominates or endorses qualified professionals who can bring an osteopathic perspective to public health initatives.

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Advocacy Press Releases

AACOM's advocacy press releases provide information on the association's legislative endorsements, federal appointments, and policy statements, among other key topics regarding AACOM's government relations efforts.

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AACOM Virtual Day of Action

On October 7, 2020, hundreds of advocates raised the national profile of osteopathic medical education by participating in the AACOM Virtual Day of Action. Osteopathic medical students, educators, administrators, and physicians sent over 300 messages to Congress in support of federal policies and programs vital to the future of OME.

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