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Join AACOM’s national advocacy campaign, ED to MED, and raise the profile of issues vital to osteopathic medical education in the halls of Congress! 

Federal Government

  • Federal Administration Nominations and Appointments
    AACOM monitors and advocates on federal issues that address or may impact osteopathic medical education. View current administrative positions from relevant federal departments.
  • COM Congressional Representation Chart
    Discover who represents the nation’s colleges of osteopathic medicine in the first session of the 116th Congress.
  • How Congress Works
    To the average person, the process of getting a bill through Congress may seem highly complex and technical. Actually, the process itself is fairly simple. Read our primer on the legislative process.
  • AACOM Virtual Day of Action
    On October 7, 2020, hundreds of advocates raised the national profile of osteopathic medical education by participating in the AACOM Virtual Day of Action. Learn more about this event.
U.S. Capitol

Washington Insider

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View AACOM's 2020 Financial Aid Debt Management Modules

Loan Repayment Strategies for Osteopathic Physicians

This presentation addresses how residents, fellows, and attending physicians repay their student loans, determine the best repayment strategy; and adjust their repayment strategy as their circumstances change. 

View webinar recording and materials