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Why Join?

AOGME is the only professional membership that is solely focused on supporting and advancing osteopathic GME. It is the professional home and society for Osteopathic Recognition with the goal of cultivating and promoting Osteopathic Recognition in GME programs.

Member Benefits



AOGME offers the comprehensive educational programs and initiatives GME educators need.


AACOM is a member organization of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), Federation of Associations of Schools of the Health Professions (FASHP), Coalition on Physician Accountability (CPA), Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC), the Panamerican Federation of Associations of Medical Schools (FEPAFEM-PAFAMS), and more. AACOM is a sponsor of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience.

  • Professional Development—Ability to serve in national leadership roles, elected office, and to vote 
  • Professional Designation—the opportunity to apply to be a Fellow of AOGME (FAOGME) and participate in the Collegium of Fellows, an assembly of members who are honored and recognized yearly
  • Continuing medical education (CME) credits—opportunities to receive credits throughout the year with in-person and online curriculum
  • National conferences and meetings—featuring the annual conference, Educating Leaders, held in Washington, DC each spring
  • Member discounts—professional development, conferences, and leadership programs
  • Webinars—access to complimentary monthly webinars on GME related topics
  • Programs and funding opportunities—including research grants, leadership development and prestigious awards
  • Leadership—representation on AOA and AACOM councils and committees (not applicable for associate members)
  • Networking—national collaborations with fellow health professions associations, social media platforms, and employment connections  
  • Discussion groups—member access to AACOMmunities, a dynamic online discussion forum offering tools to help members connect and collaborate     


AOGME provides timely GME updates through robust content and research.


  • Members-only content—Go-to resources for GME information, resources and sample documents and forms  
  • E-newsletters—including the monthly e-newsletter, OGME NOW, and bi-weekly e-newsletters, Inside OME and Washington Insider, highlighting industry news and timely information from members and others in the osteopathic medical education field
  • Research—providing meaningful data on osteopathic medical college students and graduates and reports on GME


AACOM leads congressional and federal regulatory advocacy efforts on behalf of its AOGME members and partners with national associations to present a unified health professions position to policymakers.


  • Osteopathic representation—advocates for osteopathic physicians and osteopathic medical educators to serve on federal committees and advisory boards to ensure the representation of the profession
  • Graduate medical education—actively works to advance programs designed to better prepare physicians for quality care of patients and to improve the health of communities in the 21st century. Federal graduate medical education funding is critical to ensure the stability and continuity of the nation’s medical residency training programs that produce future physicians and the health care system that provides care to our nation’s citizens
  • Physician workforce—strongly supports federal health care workforce policies intended to ensure an adequately trained physician workforce to meet heath care needs in the 21st century
  • Medical students federal financial aid—advocates for federal graduate education policies that invest in the future physician workforce and address medical student loan debt, including ED to MED, a national grassroots advocacy campaign committed to raising the profile of graduate student debt issues in the halls of Congress, and giving students a strong collective voice during the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
  • Washington Insider—the biweekly e-newsletter keeping members and partners informed of the policy discussions that impact osteopathic medical education

Membership Opportunity for Residents & Fellows!
The AOGME Residents and Fellows Council



Who Should Join?


Members of AOGME include GME professionals and medical educators with an interest in and connected to osteopathic GME, including: 

Director of Osteopathic Education (DOE)

Designated Institutional Officials (DIOs)

Directors of Medical Education (DMEs)

Program Directors

Osteopathic Track Directors

Faculty in GME programs with Osteopathic Recognition

COM faculty with a link to GME

Residents and Fellows

Program Coordinators

Accreditation Staff


Other GME leadership & staff