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AOGME Awards

2020 AOGME Awards

Winners of the 2020 AOGME Awards will be formally announced during the online Awards Presentation at Educating Leaders 2020 Virtual Event on Friday, March 27th. Please see this year's awardees below. 

Dr. William Cairney 2     Special Lifetime Achievement Award

     Dr. William J. Cairney, PhD
     Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education
     Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic
 Dr. Richard Terry    Leadership Award

     Dr. Richard R. Terry, DO, MBA
     Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
     Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at Elmira

Maura Biszewski     Special Award of Appreciation

     Ms. Maura Biszewski
     Vice President, Graduate Medical Education
     American Osteopathic Association

The AOGME (formerly AODME) sponsors several awards: Award for Excellence in Osteopathic Medical Education, Leadership Awards, Special Lifetime Achievement Awards, and Special Awards. Information on the nomination process as well as past award recipients can be found below.

2020 AOGME Awards Call for Nominations Now Open

Winners for the 2020 AOGME Awards will be announced at Educating Leaders 2020. See award categories and nomination forms below. All nomination information must be submitted by close of business on December 30, 2019

2019 AOGME Awards

Winners for the 2019 AOGME Awards were announced at Educating Leaders 2019. See the 2019 awardee below. 

    Special Lifetime Achievement Award

    Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH
    President and CEO
    American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine

2018 AOGME Awards

Winners for the 2018 AOGME Awards were announced at Educating Leaders 2018. See the 2018 awardees below. View the Awards Presentation slideshow for more information.



2018 AOGME Leadership Award
Thomas Boyle, DO, FACEP, FACOEP
Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University
2018 AOGME Leadership Award
Thomas Mohr, MS, DO, FACOI, FAODME
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine
2018 Special Award of Appreciation
Margaret J. Hardy, JD
Former Consultant to AODME

Award Recipients

Special Lifetime Achievement Award 

The AOGME (formerly AODME) Special Lifetime Achievement recognizes members who have been instrumental in advancing the mission and purposes of AOGME through loyal and long-term meritorious service.

  • 2019 - Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH
  • 2017 - Abraham M. Jeger, PhD, FAODME
  • 2013 - Mark Cummings, PhD
  • 2012 - David Dora, DO
  • 2011 - Dennis Lemanski, DO, FAODME
  • 2009 - Gail Riegle, PhD
  • 2008 - William G. Anderson, DO
  • 2007 - Vance D. Powell, Jr., DO, FAODME, FACOOG
  • 2006 - Lauren Vogel, DO
  • 2005 - Michael Opipari, DO, FAODME, FACOI
  • 2003 - Anthony A. Minissale, DO, BS and Robert G. Ricci, DO, FAOCR
  • 2001 - Norville H. Schock, PhD, FAODME
  • 2000 - Robert J. George, DO, FAODME

Leadership Award 

The Leadership Award recognizes AOGME (formerly AODME) members who have contributed noteworthy service to the osteopathic profession and to AOGME in the past year.

  • 2018
    Thomas Boyle, DO, FACEP, FACOEP
    Thomas Mohr, MS, DO, FACOI, FAODME
  • 2014
    Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI
    Richard LaBaere, II, DO, MPH, FAODME
  • 2013
    John Bulger, DO, FACOI, FACP, FAODME
    J. Michael Finley, DO, FACOI, FACP, FACR
    Howard Shulman, DO, FACP, FACOI
  • 2010
    Susan C. Zonia, PhD, FAODME
  • 2009
    James Lally, DO, MS
    David Towle, DO, FAODME, MPH, MS
  • 2005
    Gary Moorman, DO, FAODME, FACOEP, FACEP
  • 2004
    Deborah Blackwell, DO, FACOP
  • 2003
    Gary Willyerd, DO, FAODME, FACOEP
  • 1999
    Norville Schock, PhD, FAODME
  • 1996
    Vance Powell, Jr., DO, FAODME

Award for Excellence in Osteopathic Education

This Award recognizes research and initiatives that excel in the continuum of education in the areas of pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and continuing medical education.

  • 2011
    Michael Sheehy, DO, FACOEP
  • 2009
    Deborah R. Bennett, DO
  • 2001
    Kari Hortos, DO, FAODME (postdoctoral
    Johathan Rohrer, PhD (postdoctoral)
    Lisa Butler, BA, MSN (predoctoral)
  • 2000
    Joel Dickerman, DO (postdoctoral)
    Bruce Dubin, DO, JD (predoctoral)

Special Award of Appreciation

  • 2018 - Margaret J. Hardy, JD
  • 1998 (posthumously)
    Douglas C. Shaber, DO, FAODME