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This webinar series offers members of AACOM's Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME) an opportunity to gain exclusive access to education and resources of practical value to the osteopathic undergraduate and graduate medical education community.

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Upcoming Webinars

Monday, February 27, 2023, 7:00 PM ET

AOGME Residents and Fellows Council (RFC) Webinar on How to Succeed in Your Clinical Rotations

Date: Monday, February 27, 2023
Presenters: Dimitri Tito, DO; Linda Logan, DO; Allison Daniel, DO; Mustafa Basree, DO, MS; Maria Jones, DO; Kenneth Heiles, DO; Lisa Shelburne, MBA; Holly Waters, DO; Jazz Patel, PharmD; Katie Harden, MBA

Join us for a webinar on how to succeed in your core clinical rotations/away rotations presented by the AOGME RFC Executive Board and the AACOM Council on Residency Placement (CORP). This webinar will focus on tips to help you prepare for success in your core clinical rotations/away rotations.

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Recent Webinars

Monday, January 23, 2023, 7:00 PM ET

AOGME RFC Webinar on Residency Post-Interview Tips and Match Strategies

Date: Monday, January 23, 2023
Presenters: Dimitri Tito, DO; Linda Logan, DO; Allison Daniel, DO; Mustafa Basree, DO, MS; Maria Jones, DO; Anita Albritton

In this webinar, the AOGME RFC Executive Board talks about preparing for residency match. This webinar focuses on post-interview match tips for residency applicants and strategies for how to formulate your program rank list.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 5:00 PM ET

How to Look Good on Paper: Building an Effective CV During Medical School for Residency Applications and Beyond

Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Presenters: Katie Harden, MBA; Angela Walker, DO; Douglas W. Harley, DO; John Casey, DO, MA; Kenneth Heiles, DO

In this webinar, AACOM's CORP provides information and guidance to osteopathic medical students. Students will learn how to build a solid foundation for their curriculum vitae (CV) in medical school that will set them up for success in residency. The presenters include a panel of residency program directors from a variety of specialties, including orthopedic surgery, emergency medicine and more. The panelists discuss items on a CV that are specific to their specialties and strategies students should adopt when developing their own.
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