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The 2022-2023 AACOMAS application cycle is open and accepting submissions.

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Considering Medical School? 

  • Do you want to be a physician who sees patients as more than symptoms or disease?
  • Do you want to be a physician who gets involved in the community and spends time learning about your patients as people?
  • Do you have solid communication skills and enjoy getting to know a diverse range of people from many different backgrounds and socioeconomic groups?
  • Are you compassionate and have a healing touch?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, osteopathic medicine may be a good first, or even second, career option for you!  America's colleges of osteopathic medicine offer supportive, high-quality programs for students of all ages and backgrounds, at campuses across the country.

Browse this section to learn more about osteopathic medicine and the unique philosophy that makes it perfectly positioned to address the nation's health care needs today.

See an Overview of the Four-Year Curriculum.

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Find the osteopathic medical school that is right for you. Filter the colleges by state, whether they are private or public, for profit or not for profit, school setting, dual degree opportunities, application deadlines and more.

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Visit Choose DO - Our Website for Prospective Students

Want to know more about why you should consider a career in osteopathic medicine? Than look no further than ChooseDO.org. Choose DO is AACOM's website for aspiring physicians and a complete resource for information on osteopathic medicine, the colleges of osteopathic medicine, the application process and don't forget to check out the Choose DO blog for articles from current medical students.

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Apply to Osteopathic Medical School

The decision to become an osteopathic medical student is life-changing and comes with great responsibility and privilege. By joining the osteopathic community you will learn and work alongside some of the most compassionate and competent physicians in the country.

Visit this section to learn about the whole application process, from preparing for medical school during undergraduate education, to shadowing a DO, to finally submitting your application through AACOM's centralized application service, AACOMAS.

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 about the osteopathic medical school experience:

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Career Planning For DO Students

Maximize the success of your specialty and residency choice.

Prior to entering medical school, many of you worked to 'keep your options open' regarding choosing a specialty that would be a good match for you.  Now you are faced with choosing both a specialty and a residency that will further your career goals. Doing this successfully requires the following skills: career-related research, reflection, and decision making

AACOM has partnered with the AAMC to provide resources for medical students and prospective medical student. Visit this page to learn about Careers in Medicine,  Financial Aid options and how to navigate the complex and varied routes to a fulfilling osteopathic medical career.   

And here is where you'll find Osteopathic Medicine Residency Match Information