About the AACOMAS Fee Assistance Program

IMPORTANT: The original pool of funds for the 2017 AACOMAS Fee Assistance Program has been depleted; however, AACOMAS will continue assessing the eligibility of all fee waiver applicants. AACOMAS will forward all eligible applicants’ information to participating colleges of osteopathic medicine for decisions regarding secondary application fee waivers. We encourage all eligible applicants to continue completing the Financial Income Fee Waiver Request and uploading the required documentation. Once your eligibility is determined, you will receive an email notifying you of your status. 

AACOM encourages financially disadvantaged applicants to become DOs!

A limited number of fee waivers are available through the AACOMAS Fee Assistance Program for the 2017 AACOMAS Application Cycle and are worth $275 each. Fee waivers are given out to qualified applicants until available funds run out for the cycle. Funds typically run out by August (approximately one year before enrollment), so we encourage eligible applicants to apply early. Please read the AACOMAS Application Instructions to see who qualifies. These waivers cover the initial application fee and allow applicants to apply to two additional schools (three schools total). If an applicant receives a fee waiver and wishes to apply to more than three schools, they are still responsible for the additional fees of $40 per program.

The AACOMAS Fee Assistance Program is regularly assessed and subject to change on a yearly basis.

Instructions for Submission

To apply for a AACOMAS fee waiver, please follow the steps below:

  • Start your AACOMAS Application: Create a AACOMAS Application. You can NOT apply for a fee waiver prior to creating an account with AACOMAS.
  • Determine When to Apply For Your Waiver: Fee waivers are only valid for 14 DAYS (including holidays and weekends) after you are approved, so be sure you are ready to submit your application or close to ready before applying for one. However, they are also limited, and AACOMAS historically runs out of waivers by midsummer, so please consider all of these factors while deciding when to apply.
  • Complete and Submit Your Fee Assistance Application: Click your name in the upper right hand corner of your AACOMAS application. Select “Fee Assistance Program” to bring up the Fee Assistance Application.  You will need a copy your filed 2014 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. REMEMBER: If you are still claimed as a dependent by a parent or guardian on the 2014 form, AACOMAS requires that individual’s Federal Income Tax Return instead of your own.

    On this page you will be asked to list your size of family and your ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME listed on your 2014 filed Federal 1040 tax form. You will then be asked to upload a scanned copy of your 1040.
IMPORTANT: All Fee Assistance Applications must be submitted to AACOMAS electronically via your online application. AACOMAS will NOT accept fee waiver applications by paper mail or e-mail. DO NOT MAIL FEE WAIVER REQUESTS TO AACOMAS as they will NOT be considered.
  • Await Notification: DO NOT e-submit your AACOMAS application until you have been notified as to whether or not you have been approved to receive a AACOMAS fee waiver. If you e-submit prior to notification, your fee waiver application will be denied. It can take up to 10 business days from the date your request is submitted for your application to be processed by AACOMAS and a response issued. You will receive notification regarding the status of your fee waiver request via a message sent to both your e-mail address and your AACOMAS Application Inbox.
  • Submit Your Application and Pay Via Credit Card: Once you have been approved for a AACOMAS fee waiver you will have 14 days (including weekends and holidays) to submit your application. If you do not submit your application within that time frame, your fee waiver will be voided and the funds will be allocated to another qualifying applicant and you may not reapply. Please note that AACOMAS does not need to receive any outstanding transcripts, references, or test scores within the 14 day window; all that is required to claim the fee waiver is that you have e-submitted the application and made your payment.

For more information about the AACOMAS Fee Waiver Program, please review our online application instructions.

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