Sherry R. Arnstein Underrepresented Minority Scholarship


The Sherry R. Arnstein Underrepresented Minority Scholarship recognizes underrepresented minority (URM) students attending one of AACOM's member colleges.

The 2022 application cycle is now closed.
The next cycle will open in 2023.

Each year AACOM awards a financial scholarship of $5,000 to five osteopathic medical students. Both newly accepted and continuing students are eligible to apply. The scholarship is named after former AACOM Executive Director, Sherry R. Arnstein.

Read AACOM's press release on this year's scholarship recipients

To learn more about Sherry Arnstein, please read this bio, Climbing the Ladder: A Look at Sherry R. Arnstein and Climbing Arnstein's Ladder, the third article in 2005 AICP National Planning Landmarks and Pioneers. (4 pages, 82k)


To be eligible, an applicant must be:

  1. African American, Native American, Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian, mainland Puerto Rican or Hispanic American as directed per the Sherry Arnstein Trust. These criteria cannot be adjusted.
  2. In good academic standing and either:
    • currently enrolled in the first, second or third year at an AACOM member college of osteopathic medicine
    • OR a student who has been accepted and is planning to matriculate at one of the AACOM member colleges.

Previous applicants to the Arnstein Scholarship are eligible to reapply.
Previous Arnstein Scholarship awardees are ineligible.


Application deadline: July 29, 2022. Awardees will be notified in October.

Completed entries must include the required documentation with all appropriate signatures and the required essay. Incomplete entries will not be considered.


The following items are needed for your application:

  1. A completed DO student application form based on your student status of either 'new' or 'continuing' and responses to the following essay prompts: 
    • How and why were you drawn to osteopathic medicine?
      (limited to 2,000 characters)
    • Describe a significant challenge you experienced as an aspiring or a current URM medical student. Tell us your ideas that could help others overcome similar challenges.
      (limited to 2,000 characters)
    • We are looking for ideas and innovative solutions. What could osteopathic medical schools do to recruit and retain more URM students?
      (limited to 4,000 characters)

If selected as a 2022 Arnstein Scholarship recipient, new students must submit a copy of their acceptance letter from their osteopathic medical college upon notification of their winner status.

Essay Judging Criteria

  • The ideas are innovative or have an innovative component.
  • The ideas are presented with proposed actions.
  • The essay thoroughly discusses the significant impact of proposed actions.
  • The proposed actions are feasible.
  • The applicant displays a willingness to promote osteopathic medicine to underrepresented minorities.
  • The essay is well written and grammatically correct.
  • The applicant displays leadership qualities by initiating and/or participating in URM-related activities (i.e. clubs, organizations, etc.) and briefly explains how this involvement has impacted the campus environment or greater community.
  • The essay addresses all questions.


Contact staff co-liaisons of AACOM's Council on Diversity and Equity, Erik Guercio, MA, AACOM Senior Director of Research  (eguercio@aacom.org) or Aisha Ali, MHRM, AACOM Research Analyst (aali@aacom.org).