Logging Your TOUCH Hours

Starting on July 17, 2018 we will begin using Track it Forward for tracking volunteer hours. Only hours that are logged through this platform will count towards your requirement. You must sign up on your computer prior to accessing the mobile app. Through the your volunteer dashboard you can log hours, view your total hours submitted and milestone progress, sign up for events and more.  

It's super easy to get started.

Follow these simple quick start steps and if you need further assistance, please see the supplementary materials below.

Download an easy to use handout on registering and logging your TOUCH hours

3 Quick Steps to Get Started

Step 1


1. Go to Track it Forward

2. Click on Sign Up

3. Fill out your profile information

4. Click on Sign Up (again

Step 2

Download the App

*You must create your account on the computer prior to signing into the app.

1. Open the app store on your mobile phone

2. Search for "Volunteer Time Tracking" or "Track it Forward"

3. Download and install the app

4. Login with your credentials

Step 3

Log Your Hours

1. Login to Track it Forward

2. Fill out your volunteer hour log

3. Submit your time

Watch How It Works

Getting Started


Using The App


Logging Hours


Sign Up For Events


How To Sign Up


Approval Settings



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