Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (COSGP)


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By joining the osteopathic community you will learn and work alongside some of the most compassionate and competent physicians in the country who believe strongly in the four tenets of osteopathic medicine. Read more from COSGP National Chair.

What is COSGP? 

COSGP sealThe Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (COSGP) is the official national leadership council of the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) and is the only organization that represents all osteopathic medical students. COSGP is comprised of the student government/council presidents from each of the nation's osteopathic medical colleges and serves as the liaison between osteopathic professional organizations and all students. 

An important goal of COSGP is to foster professional development and leadership among osteopathic medical students and to advocate for their interests... to  Learn. Share. Lead. Empower.

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Join AACOM’s national advocacy campaign, ED to MED, and raise the profile of issues vital to osteopathic medical education in the halls of Congress! 

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