Search Tips

Text Search Box 

Use the text search box to type in individual terms or phrases.  You can search by All Terms or Exact Phrase

  • Exact Phrase: Exact Phrase searches resource titles, authors, summaries, and sponsors for the exact phrase as it has been typed. 
  • All Terms: If you type multiple terms, such as “osteopathic recognition,” All Terms displays resources with either “osteopathic” and/or “recognition” in the title, author, summary, or sponsor fields. All Terms usually yields broader results. 
  • Initiating a Text Search: You must click the Submit button or hit the Enter or Return key to initiate any text search. 

Sort Options 

The default sort option is by Newest Publication Date (which is the date the resource was entered into the system). You can also sort alphabetically, by oldest publication date, or by popularity.   

Changing Search Criteria 

To get accurate results when changing search criteria, please delete the previous search term or filter by clicking on the blue “X” next to your previous choices below All Terms/Exact Phrase (for text) or above the Format Types filter (for filtered choices).