Assessment Considerations for Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency

April 09, 2018

By Machelle Linsenmeyer, EdD; Leslie Wimsatt, PhD; Mark Speicher, PhD; James Powers, DO; Stephen Miller, DO; Emmanuel Katsaros, DO

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Context: In the process of analyzing entrustable professional activities (EPAs) for use in medical education, ten Cate and others identified challenges, including the need for valid and reliable EPA assessment strategies.

Objective: To provide osteopathic medical schools with a database of assessment tools compiled from the literature to assist them with the development and implementation of robust, evidence-based assessment methods.

Methods: MEDLINE, ERIC, PubMed, and other relevant databases were searched using MeSH keywords for articles outlining robust, evidence-based assessment tools that could be used in designing assessments for EPAs 1 through 6.

Results: A total of 55 publications were included in content analysis and reporting. All but 2 of the assessment articles were conducted in an undergraduate or graduate medical education setting. The majority of the 55 articles related to assessment of competencies affiliated with EPA 2 (16 articles) and EPA 4 (15 articles). Four articles focused on EPA 3.

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  • April 2018


  • Journal of the American Osteopathic Association