Frontier Doctor, Medical Pioneer: The Life and Times of A.T. Still and His Family

August 08, 2023

By Charles E. Still, Jr.

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An intimate take on the life of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, as written by his own grandson, Charles E. Sill Jr. This book undertakes the turmoil A.T. Stills underwent when, in his disdain for the widely accepted treatment techniques and drugs of his time, he sought out a new medical philosophy and practice.

As the author documents the path to the discovery of the osteopathic method, he takes on the personal and touching life and family story of A.T. Still, filled with tragedies and successes. Take a journey with this biography as we explore the progression from one man’s idea, to the first school of osteopathic medicine, to the now well-established and widely practiced medicine that we know today.