The Five Osteopathic Models

July 05, 2017

By Ray Hruby, DO, MS, FAAO; Paolo Tozzi, DO, PT, MSc; Christian Lunghi; Giampiero Fusco

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This manual offers an in-depth exploration of the five models of osteopathic medicine, with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine and critical problem solving. Each model is assessed and examined in detail to explain the overall philosophy of osteopathic medicine.

The five models of osteopathic medicine—biomechanical, neurological, respiratory-circulatory, metabolic, and behavioral—are the cornerstone of osteopathic principles and philosophy (OPP). They provide the foundation of the basic and clinical sciences that are integrated into osteopathic medicine. 

Medical students, residents, and physicians can use this manual to learn more about the history, principles, and application of the five models of osteopathic medicine.