Educating Leaders 2018; Joint AACOM & AODME Conference, April 18-21, Wash,DC

Call for Presentations Now Open!
This year’s theme is Building Successful Collaborations.
Submissions Deadline: September 21, 2017

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Presentation Offerings

Our goal each year is to provide the best possible programming for our attendees. To advance the caliber of program offerings for this year’s conference, we encourage you to develop your presentation with less focus on PowerPoint slides and more emphasis on audience engagement. We have even adopted a new “Collaborative Presentation” offering for those interested in working with their peers to formulate a multi-perspective interactive presentation. See below for all this year’s presentation style offerings. 

  • Collaborative: 60-minute oral presentation
    Must have three or more presenters 
  • Single: 60-minute oral presentation
  • Dual: 30-minute oral presentation
    Paired with one additional 30-minute oral presentation
  • Brief: 20-minute oral presentation
    Grouped with two additional 20-minute oral presentations
  • Poster, including EPAs    See Poster Guidelines
  • Preconference Workshop:  Minimum three-hour interactive program

This year’s conference is offering seven Focus Areas on the theme Building Successful Collaborations. Next to each area is a list of possible topics, but presentations are not limited to the topics listed below. Authors are encouraged to expand upon these topics if desired.  

Focus Area

Possible Topic Examples

Focus: Osteopathic Medical Education
Osteopathic Medical Education

  • Curriculum and Curricular Paradigms
  • Core Competencies/Assessments (EPAs, exams, etc.)/Evaluations/National Boards
  • Interprofessionalism
  • International Education
  • Other Scholarly Activity

Focus: Graduate Medical Education
Graduate Medical Education

  • Single GME accreditation system
  • Initial to Continued ACGME Accreditation/Clinical Learning Environment Review
  • Osteopathic Recognition
  • Clinical Education Collaborations
  • Transition from UME to GME/ Residency Match
  • Clinical Education Collaboration/Transition from UGME to GME

Focus: Humanism
Humanism and Mentoring

  • Hidden Curriculum/Learning Styles
  • Empathy/Resilience/Wellness
  • Diversity Issues
  • Mentoring & Advising

Focus: Learner Affairs
Learner Affairs

  • Tuition/Admissions/Recruitment/Retention
  • Marketing/Communications/Social Media

Focus: Professional Development
Professional Development

  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Leadership Skills Development 

Focus: Technology
Technology and Research Support

  • Informational Technology
  • Data, Data Management & Analysis
  • Grants/Grant Management Support (IRB, etc.)

Focus: Advocacy and Policy
Advocacy and Policy

  • Health Workforce/Medical Education/Higher Education

Improved This Year!
Submission Portal Highlights

We have upgraded our Presentation Submission Portal based on your valuable feedback. For example, we have…
  • Increased the number of presentation types
  • Reduced the number of presentation category options
  • Provided more detailed instruction for the written portion of your presentation submission
  • Decreased the number of boxes for you to fill out
  • Added an optional field for you to submit a “tweetable quote” (to be used for marketing presentations to attendees)


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