Fast Facts About Osteopathic Medical Education


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  • In the 2017-18 academic year, osteopathic medical colleges are educating more than 30,000 future physicians–25 percent of all US medical students.
  • AACOM represents the 34 accredited colleges of osteopathic medicine in the United States.
  • These colleges are at 51 teaching locations in 32 states.
  • Six of the colleges are publicly controlled, 28 are private institutions.

Growth Trends

Over the last 10 years, applicants, enrollment, and graduates have increased significantly:


  • Number of applicants to osteopathic medical colleges in 2017-18: 20,836
  • Number of applicants to osteopathic medical colleges in 2007-08: 11,231

First-year Enrollment

  • 2017-18 first-year enrollment: 8,088
  • 2007-08 first-year enrollment: 4,528

Total Enrollment

  • 2017-18 total enrollment: 28,981
  • 2007-08 total enrollment:15,634

Total Graduates

  • 2016-17 total graduates: 6,015
  • 2006-07 total graduates: 3,000

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