AACOM’s Website Has a New Look

Published November 04, 2019


AACOM has recently updated our website, www.aacom.org, with a new, more modern design. Providing our users the most comfortable and intuitive experience while browsing the AACOM website led the decisions behind the updates. Here are some of the changes that you will find:

  • A full width layout and fully responsive design for optimal viewing on all screen sizes from desktop to mobile phone
  • More white space and larger fonts for easier readability—especially on smaller screens
  • More graphics for greater visual appeal and a simpler, more sophisticated color palette

This design refresh is the first step in major enhancements we plan to make to the AACOM website in the years to come. Some future projects include:

  • A focus on providing more timely and relevant content based on member and constituent feedback and gathered web analytics
  • Continuing to stay up to date with user experience (UX) best practices
  • A more intuitive site architecture and navigation as well as enhanced search and filter capabilities to deliver relevant content more quickly to users