Statement from the CEO on Recent Shootings

Published May 22, 2022

By Robert A. Cain, DO

Cains Corner

Two years ago today we witnessed the needless and tragic death of a man.  His name was George Floyd. Our nation quickly found itself deep into discussions about race relations, violence and how we need to work together to bring civility back to into our communities. The last few weeks have been a terrible reminder of just how little progress has been made on all accounts.

The tragic deaths yesterday at an elementary school in Texas and earlier this month at a grocery store in Buffalo and a church in California are heartbreaking and maddening. There have been 27 school shootings with injuries or deaths this year. There should not be division over the loss of these young lives. There should be outrage.

What will it take for us to take real steps to ensure no parent must wonder if their child will come home at the end of the day because it was their school where the next shooting occurred? Silence on these issues can’t be an option, but words require action. The challenge begins there. Are we ready to do some deep listening? And to take concrete actions that are not workarounds to protect those who cannot protect themselves?

AACOM’s member colleges of osteopathic medicine train and educate our nation’s future physicians. Physicians face enough challenges to human health brought on by nature (bacteria and viruses), the environment (smoking related disease) and the frailty of our own bodies (cancer).  The man-made scourges of gun violence, bigotry and hatred add needlessly to the demands placed upon the providers at the frontlines of healthcare delivery and cause far too many deaths, each of which destroys a small part of our nation’s soul. Our prayers are with the families of the innocent victims of the past, present and future.”

Robert A. Cain, DO
AACOM President and CEO