Dr. Thomas Mohr Delivers the 2022 AOGME Chair’s Report

Published May 31, 2022


Over the past two years, AOGME’s activities and efforts in support of the GME community have broadened and deepened. I am proud to have led the AOGME as Chair during this period and to have the privilege of representing osteopathic GME in many national venues. As I transition to the role of Immediate AOGME Past-Chair, I want to thank all our members who commit their time, expertise and energy to ensure that AOGME continues to thrive.

Key Programmatic & Educational Efforts

In the 2021-2022 membership year, AOGME offered educational content to include 15 webinars with over 2,700 participants covering a range of topics to include telemedicine, rural GME, residency interviewing and tips for the match, Osteopathic Recognition, clinical learning environment review, milestones 2.0, CMS GME funding opportunities and more.

In January 2022, AOGME co-hosted a conference with the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers (AIAMC) on ways to grow GME. This half-day virtual conference targeted C-suite individuals in hospitals and colleges and featured sessions on GME leadership engagement, GME funding and legislation and building GME. You can still access the on-demand content from the conference here.

AACOM/AOGME Virtual Residency Fairs

To support programs in their recruiting efforts during the pandemic as well as students and colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs), AOGME hosted the third AACOM/AOGME virtual residency fair in August 2021. The fair offered a significant discount for AOGME members, engaged nearly 1,000 students and 80 programs. A day-long program on residency advising was held and featured presentations by the AOGME Residents and Fellows Council leadership among others. Save the date for the fourth AACOM/AOGME Virtual Residency Fair, which will be held on August 5, 12:00-8:00 PM ET..

AOGME Activities at AACOM Annual Conference

The AACOM Annual Conference was held on April 27-29 in Denver, CO. This year’s conference will be a hybrid event, held both in-person and online. The AOGME hosted an in-person reception on Thursday, April 28 to recognize 2020-2022 Collegium of Fellows inductees and award recipients. Congratulations to all the pervious awardees and a special note to recognize the 2022 AOGME Leadership Award Recipient Dr. Randall Culbertson!

During the conference, AOGME hosted several sessions on GME Finance and several sessions showcasing best practices and models for Osteopathic Recognition and graduate level osteopathic training. For those who registered for the meeting,

Osteopathic Recognition Support

In March 2022, AOGME was pleased to participate in the joint pre-conference once again with the ACGME. The virtual ACGME/AOGME Osteopathic Recognition Pre-conference featured presentations from Directors of Osteopathic Education, osteopathic faculty, residents, ACGME Milestones and field staff and more. Sessions covered topics including the value of Osteopathic Recognition, curriculum for Osteopathic Recognition that addresses the needs of both osteopathic and allopathic residents, utilizing book clubs to incorporate osteopathic philosophy in residency, milestones, AOGME update and more. View the workshop agenda.

AOGME continues to support Osteopathic Recognition particularly through its partnerships with external organizations such as the ACOFP. The ACOFP/AOGME Osteopathic Recognition Toolkit includes sample evaluations of faculty, residents and programs; forms and guidelines, checklists, sample Osteopathic Recognition curriculum, application guidelines and resources and online presentations and resources. This tool is featured on the UME-GME Digital Resource Library which is maintained by the AOGME’s UME-GME Digital Resource Library Editorial Board. The digital resource library contains a variety of resources on osteopathic education including in-person and virtual workshops on OMM, textbooks on osteopathic medicine, webinars and other online resources. Finally, AOGME maintains the Osteopathic Recognition matters website which includes fact sheets and infographics and an interactive map of programs with Osteopathic Recognition

This year, AOGME launched an online guide “AACOM Post-Doc Guide” designed for fourth-year osteopathic medical students that features programs that historically train DOs and programs with Osteopathic Recognition. Based on requests from students looking for ‘DO-friendly’ programs, this tool is a first attempt to capture programs that historically train DOs and may be of interest to osteopathic medical students. The tool will be periodically updated, programs with changes or who wish to be included in the guide can email aogme@aacom.org.

AOGME New Board Members & Officer Seats

The virtual 2022 AOGME business meeting was held on Wednesday, May 25. At the meeting, the membership welcomed two new board members: Dr. Kenneth Heiles (Secretary/Treasurer) and Dr. Theotonius Gomes (At-large member). In addition, Dr. Sandra Snyder was seated as Chair, Dr. Juan Acosta, Chair-elect and I will be transitioning into the Immediate Past Chair position. Congratulations to all our new and existing board members. We also want to thank our outgoing board members, Dr. Lisa Nash who served as immediate past-chair and Dr. Kerrie Jordan.

Monthly Membership Discussions

Join us on June 15 at 4:00 PM ET for the monthly AOGME Membership discussion opportunity. This is an opportunity to connect with peers and raise topics for feedback or discussion. Contact us at aogme@aacom.org if you have any questions, want to add an agenda item or have not received a meeting invitation.

Thank you,

Thomas Mohr, MS, DO, FACOI, FAOGME