Giving Thanks; Nominate Leaders for 2023 AOGME Awards

Published November 30, 2022


Sandra Snyder

By Sandra Snyder, DO
AOGME Chair 

As we celebrated Thanksgiving last week and enter the holiday season, we want to express our gratitude for your engagement in AOGME and your ongoing leadership in support of the osteopathic profession. As a final reminder, please consider joining the AOGME’s Collegium of Fellows, which is an honor recognizing long and meritorious service to AOGME and the osteopathic profession. The status of Fellows is awarded for life, and when awarded the recipient is entitled to use the initials FAOGME following his/her name and degree. Applications must be received by tomorrow, December 1, 2022. Learn more about the Collegium of Fellows.

Call for Nominations: 2023 AOGME Awards

Nominations for the 2023 AOGME Awards are now being accepted. There are three award categories: Leadership, Special Lifetime Achievement and Special Award of Appreciation. Nominations are due on December 30, 2022. Awardees will be recognized at Educating Leaders 2023, the AACOM Annual Conference, in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more about the AOGME Awards.

Noorda-COM Webinar Discount Code Exclusively for AOGME Members

The CME Director at Noorda-COM created a $10 off discount code exclusively for AOGME members (AOGME10OFF) for an upcoming Noorda-COM webinar on December 7 on physician burnout and distress. Please note that this discount code is valid until tomorrow, December 1, 2022.

AOGME Webinar Series

This month, AOGME hosted a joint webinar with the Academy for Professionalism in Health Care and Professional Formation featuring Dr. Dennis H. Novack, professor of medicine & associate dean of medical education at Drexel University College of Medicine and the founder of Professional Formation. Dr. Novack discussed the biopsychosocial model of medicine, how learners evolve through medical school, the physician charter, unprofessional behavior and how professional identity formation can mitigate those behaviors. He also discussed the elements of professional formation, including self-awareness, reflective practice, personal growth and maturity and what faculty can teach, learn and role-model to enhance professional identity formation.  View the webinar recording.

Call for Webinar Topics

The AOGME Education Committee has planned AOGME webinars for the remainder of 2022 and the first half of 2023, which include webinars on the transition to residency, imposter syndrome and more. Please email us at if there are any specific topics you would like covered in future webinars of the AOGME Webinar Series.

AOGME Council of GME Leaders’ Forums on GME Growth & Development

The first session of the Forums on GME Growth & Development hosted by the AOGME Council of GME Leaders was held on September 20, 2022. In this session, Dr. Lisa Nash shared how GME has grown and developed at her institution, UNTHSC/TCOM.  The recording is available for AOGME members to access (login required). Additional sessions of the Forums on GME Growth & Development are scheduled throughout late January, February and March of 2023.

In an effort to expand AOGME’s role in supporting GME growth and development among colleges of osteopathic medicine and residency programs, the AOGME Council of GME Leaders is hosting the Forums on GME Growth & Development. These forums will highlight strategies to develop and grow GME programs/positions. GME leaders across the nation’s colleges of osteopathic medicine will share their strategies, ideas, challenges and solutions to start and expand GME programs. The information and narratives shared during these forums will be valuable to AACOM’s efforts to support GME growth and development at COMs and explore opportunities for collaboration. If interested in sharing your experiences starting and growing GME at your institution and participating in the Forums on GME Growth & Development, email us at

Monthly Membership Discussions

Join us on Wednesday, December 21 at 4:00 PM ET for the monthly AOGME Membership discussion opportunity. This is an opportunity to connect with peers and raise topics for feedback or discussion. Contact us at if you have any questions or have not received a meeting invitation.

We thank all who have renewed their 2022–2023 AOGME membership! If you still need to renew, please take a moment to renew your membership today. We are also excited to welcome new members who recently joined AOGME! We encourage all of you to spread the word about AOGME and engage more of your colleagues in this community.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with direct inquires by emailing or calling us at 301-657-7881.