Virtual Interviews Webinar; Forums on GME Growth and Development

Published October 26, 2022


Sandra Snyder

By Sandra Snyder, DO
AOGME Chair 

This month, the AOGME hosted events to help prepare students and programs for the upcoming academic year, including AACOM’s UME-GME Transition to Residency’s webinar on the pros and cons of different interview models, plus tips to succeed in interviews. The AOGME also laid the foundation for the Forums on GME Growth & Development series, where GME leaders share their experiences expanding GME programs at their institutions. 

Call for Nominations: 2023 AOGME Awards 

Nominations for the 2023 AOGME Awards are due on December 30th, 2022. The three categories of awards are the Leadership Award, the Special Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Special Award of Appreciation. Awardees will be recognized at AACOM’s national conference, Educating Leaders 2023, in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more about the AOGME Awards, view previous recipients, or submit a nomination. 

Call for Applications: 2023 Collegium of Fellows 

Applications for the 2023 Collegium of Fellows are due on December 1st, 2022. The Collegium is comprised of members honored for their long and dedicated service to both the AOGME and osteopathic profession. The status of Fellow is awarded for life, and shows recognition for their service to the profession. Read more about the Collegium, or submit and application. 

AOGME Council of GME Leaders’ Forums on GME Growth & Development 

The AOGME Council of GME Leaders will be hosting the Forums on GME Growth & Development to showcase strategies, successes, challenges, and solutions to start and expand GME programs. View previous recordings. 

The second session will be held on January 17th, 2023, by Dr. Natalie Nevins, Associate Dean for GME and Program Development at Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCOM-CA). Learn more and register here. 

The third session will be held on January 26th, 2023, by Dr. Joseph Hardy, Associate Dean of Clinical Education at Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUNCOM). Learn more and register here. 

AOGME RFC Emerging Physician Leadership Series 

The Emerging Physician Leadership Series is a video series available for members of the Residents and Fellows Council (RFC). On-demand talks from leaders in medicine provide tools and guidance for physicians early in their academic careers. Videos are updated regularly, with several already available. View more about the series, or watch previous videos (for RFC members only). 

AOGME Webinar Series 

This month, AOGME hosted two webinars: 

The first featured Dr. Meaghan Ruddy of The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, as she discussed how The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education became so engaged with THCGME [vision], describes lessons learned in the maintenance of THCGME (from single accreditation to funding security) [lessons] and describes the impact on systems and communities of engaging with THCGME [victories]. View the recording here. 

The second webinar was in collaboration with AACOM’s UME-GME Transition to Residency Working Group, as they hosted five panelists of diverse medical backgrounds. Facilitated by AACOM’s CEO and President, Dr. Robert Cain, and the Transition to Residency Working Group’s Chair, Dr. Tami Hendriksz, these medical professionals discuss the pros and cons of virtual, hybrid, and in-person interviews for residency, as well as tips to succeed in the new era of interviews.  View the recording here. 

In November, the AOGME will host one webinar, featuring Dr. Dennis Novack, Professor of Medicine & Associate Dean of Medical Education at Drexel University College of Medicine and the founder of Professional Formation, titled, “Realizing our Potential as Healers: Professional Identity Formation”. Read more and register here. 

The AOGME Education Committee is in the process of planning webinars for 2023. View the current schedule of webinars and check back for updates. If you would like to submit recommendations for webinars or speakers, please submit them to   

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