Call for New AOGME Members; GME Growth Initiatives

Published February 21, 2023


Sandra SnyderBy Sandra Snyder, DO

February 28, 2023

Thank you to those who attended the ACGME/AOGME Joint Osteopathic Recognition Full-Day Course at the ACGME Annual Educational Conference (AEC) last week. Several AOGME members presented during the full-day course including members of the AOGME Residents and Fellows Council. Thank you to the planning committee and presenters!

In addition to the course, many AOGME members attended the Medically Underserved Areas and Populations Interest Group meeting at the AEC and shared their experiences and challenges with growing and maintaining programs in underserved areas. In coming months, as part of the efforts to advance GME growth, AOGME will outline strategies to help grow GME in medically underserved areas and populations and work to influence these efforts.

If you are starting a new GME program or have plans to start or expand GME programs, let us know by emailing

The AOGME Council of GME Leaders met this month for its quarterly meeting and discussed continued efforts to support colleges of osteopathic medicine and GME partners. Among the initiatives they will undertake this year is a GME benchmarking survey, a GME development institute and continued Forums on GME Development to share strategies to grow new and expand existing GME programs. The group has grown to include nearly all colleges of osteopathic medicine, if you are interested in participating in these discussions, email us at

Leadership Opportunities

In March, we will issue a ballot for the two at-large member open positions on the AOGME Board. In addition, the Council of GME Leaders, Collegium of Fellows and Residents and Fellows Council are amid the nominations and elections processes. If you would like to nominate a resident for the Residents and Fellows Council leadership or if you are interested in serving as Chair of the Collegium of Fellows, please let us know by emailing

Forums on GME Growth & Development

This month, the AOGME Council of GME Leaders held a Forums on GME Growth & Development presentation featuring Dr. Richard LaBaere (ATSU-KCOM) who spoke about the role of the sponsoring institution and the consortium in aiding programs to thrive and integrate osteopathic education. Earlier this year, Natalie Nevins, DO, MSHPE, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Program Development at Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCOM-CA), and May Lin, DO, Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education and Program Development at TUCOM-CA, shared their institution’s GME growth and development story, as well as Dr. Joseph Hardy of TUNCOM.

Monthly Membership Discussions

Join us on Thursday, March 23 at 4:00 PM ET for the next monthly AOGME Membership discussion opportunity. This is an opportunity to connect with peers and raise topics for feedback or discussion. Contact us at if you have any questions or have not received a meeting invitation.

If you still need to renew your AOGME membership, please take a moment to renew your membership today. We are also excited to welcome new members who recently joined AOGME!

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with direct inquires by emailing or calling us at 301-657-7881.

Thank you,
Sandra Snyder, DO